London calling! A new restaurant concept by In Out Studio hits the heart of the exclusive neighborhood of Chelsea, London. In Out Studio is exporting its design and know-how to UK in the new Chelsea Bistró.

Vibrant yet classic and elegant, this new restaurant has been designed to delight the London society. Nayra Iglesias, in charge of the creative direction, explains that “The combination of new textures and noble materials such as marble allows us to create a very sophisticated but fresh atmosphere, which fits perfectly with the spirit of the area”.

An oasis away from the hustle and bustle outside, a classic environment seen from a modern perspective in which marble, glass, and metallic textures meet in an atmosphere full of life, filled with natural light during the day and sensual reflections at night.

This large, open-plan space can seat 60 people and has three formally differentiated areas: a central armchair, a bar with stools, and side tables leaning on arches.

The central area, marked by a grid of black and white marble in contrast to the general continuous terracotta-colored flooring, dialogues with the bronze mirrored ceiling, giving a sense of infinity to the interior.

The reflections – also bronze – of the ceiling and wall with a series of backlit pieces create a rhythm that contrasts with the arches of the façade, establishing a relationship of opposites between the forms.

These mirrored pieces, as a staple between wall and ceiling, are integrated into the three-dimensional cladding with the classic touch of a plinth that goes all the way around it. This line takes on materiality in the arches, both on the façade and the interior, becoming a continuous piece of black marble that holds a seat inside.

The bar is the closing point of the restaurant, a monumental piece of fluted black marble that combines with a spectacular backlit wine rack while bringing together the 4 colors present: terracotta, black, white, and violet. The unexpected combination of the black, white and violet pattern in the purest 1920’s style is the perfect complement to the classy air of this new bistro.

As it could not be otherwise in In Out Studio’s projects, lighting is the main element in the configuration of the space and the experience. Several layers are designed to create the perfect atmosphere depending on the time of day, with backlit elements such as the ceiling pit, wall lights in the arches, suspended lamps in the central area and punctual elements close to the customer, all of them with original design by Nayra Iglesias.

The lighting elements include the Eklipse Xl wall lamp from the Violet Bliss Collection and the GIO lamps from the GIO by Nayra Iglesias Peke Toyas collection, which also features the Gio Casella candle holders as decorative elements.

The furniture, on the other hand, comes with the designer’s signature, including both, the LOLAPOP armchair and chair from the Violet Bliss Collection as well as its adaptation to an armchair and the table of 6 in black marble.

Chelsea Bistró is a different restaurant, full of color as much as elegant, which arrives in London destined to become a must in British society and to be a brand presentation flag for the studio led by Iglesias.
Will the new 20’s be the perfect time to bring back the purest Gatsby-style ambiances? In Out Studio is definitely betting on it.


Typology: Restaurant
Area: 200 m2

Nayra Iglesias Sánchez (Creative direction)
Laura Suárez Conde (Support)


In Out Studio