​Located along Belt and Road as a vital zone, Science and Technology City New Area in Mianyang is positioned to be a cradle for high-tech innovative industries with vibrant public realms. Aedas Executive Director Yaochun Wen led the team to create a new mixed-use hub that faces Anchang River, inter-connecting the ecological park and business zone in the area. The project is designed to be a sustainable living room for Mianyang, Sichuan.

The project is comprised of two plots, weaving commercial and cultural blocks, as well as a waterfront corridor. Filled with an unobstructed Anchang River view and natural resources, the hub features a 50m-wide ecological pedestrian system in the south. The science city and CBD are clustered in the north, with well-connected roads and transport network to maximise the commercial efficiency.

The design emphasises high connectivity between roads and axis, stitching the waterfront with the CBD through a corridor on the first floor. 6 commercial towers are placed along the waterfront, consisting of innovative industries, conference and exhibition centres, bank offices, financial servicing and offices. The variation in towers’ heights creates a unique skyline fronting the river. Two towers in the north, connected by a sky bridge, greet visitors as a gateway of the city. Permeable green axis creates an open multi-dimensional park with multi-layered terraces and rooftop garden.

The corridor on the second floor not only links the towers as a comprehensive pedestrian system, but also provides a multi-functional recreational and collaborative space that seamlessly connects work, social life and entertainment. More communal spaces are designed on the third floor to link the terraces and rooftop garden. By maximising the flexibility and openness, the design creates a porous office park that serves the city efficiently.

Recreational amenities are placed at the exterior-interior spaces between the terraces and corridor, including food & beverage spaces and gyms. The conference and exhibition centre becomes a connector between the waterfront terraces and CBD, enhancing commercial activities and vitalising the area.

A lush shrubbery around the porous and cascading terraces reflects on the glass façade, integrating the nature with the architecture and bringing the greenery to the whole project. Together with the optimised efficiency in office spatial planning, the design delivers a collaborative dynamics to encourage work-social activities.

The towers drew inspiration from bamboo, engraving the authentic culture on the architecture and mimicking the bamboo form on the façade. Variation in aluminium frame’s width and color also creates a rich architectural language.

‘Designing a sustainable urban living room with local context in Mianyang Science and Technology New City area, we create exterior-interior and urban-waterfront spaces through high connectivity and permeability. It will become a destination for striking a perfect work-live balance.’ Yaochun says.

*This competition design plan is subject to change in later implementation stage.


Gross Floor Area: 306,219 sq m

Design Directors: Yaochun Wen, Executive Director


Aedas Ltd