Moga Complex

Moga Complex was designed in 2021 and officially completed in 2023. The project is located in the city center, known as the most monumental building in the area. The building is designed with white as the main color, alternating with harmonious blue colors to create a comfortable feeling for the building, serving the daily life of residents here.

Beautiful space, with an area of ​​100ha including area for infrastructure facilities, villas, apartments, shophouses, offices, entertainment areas, parking lots... Must have a design for green space over 25 % for the total area of ​​the whole area. The location of Moga Complex includes a complex of traffic centers, modern roads, entertainment, commercial centers, cinemas, fitness, spas, restaurants, sky bars, etc. Around the building, there are financial agencies. main office, bank, ATM, notary office, administrative office, consulting service.

As we all know, the complex is understood as a combination of infrastructure facilities such as apartments, villas, schools, townhouses, commercial centers, hospitals to serve the needs of living, living, etc. convenient living space for residents.

Currently, in the market, the complex is more and more present and becomes an innovative point when searching for real estate. The way of thinking of real estate buyers gradually pays more attention to choosing a place to live and improving the comfortable living space. So Moga Complex is expected to be noticed by many real estate investors. The building has full facilities that will help people have a more comfortable and happy life.



area of ​​100ha

Thao Nguyen, Minh Nguyen