RAGHURAM INFRA-THE VUE is a large residential development that aims to provide a comfortable and sustainable living environment for its residents. The master plan of the development focuses on a well-landscaped central courtyard and clubhouse, which form the focal point of the community. The design of the development takes into account a range of considerations, including orientation and site planning, natural light and ventilation, access, and permeability.

The orientation of the building and its design were critical considerations in the development of RAGHURAM INFRA-THE VUE. The buildings are carefully positioned to take advantage of the surrounding environment, while also maximizing natural light and ventilation. This not only promotes sustainable living, but also enhances the overall living experience of the residents. The site planning of the development also takes into account ease of access and permeability, ensuring that the community is connected and easily navigable.

The built and open space composition of RAGHURAM INFRA-THE VUE is carefully designed to create a vibrant and coherent environment. The buildings are positioned to enclose the central courtyard, which is well-landscaped and designed to promote community building and interaction. The podium landscape of the development is largely vehicle-free, creating a safe and comfortable space for pedestrians. Emergency access is provided, but the focus is on creating a pedestrian-friendly environment that encourages interaction and community building.

One of the key features of RAGHURAM INFRA-THE VUE is the focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. The design of the development incorporates features such as natural light and ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and solar energy, which promote sustainable living and reduce the carbon footprint of the development. The design of the buildings and the landscape also takes into account the surrounding environment, ensuring that the development is in harmony with nature.

The living units in RAGHURAM INFRA-THE VUE are designed to address individuality and privacy issues while remaining integrated with public spaces through carefully created transitions. The design of the buildings provides ample natural light and ventilation, ensuring that the living units are comfortable and livable. The living units also incorporate a range of amenities and facilities, including a clubhouse, gym, and swimming pool, ensuring that residents have access to all necessary facilities


Site Area-9.8 Acres
Built-up Area-2.39 million sft
No of floors-3B S 36 Floors
Height of the building -108 Metres

Ar.Chandra Shekar & Others


Genesis Planners