The Bosque House is located in Nova Lima/MG, in a site that has spectacular view of the mountains and vegetation characteristic from the Atlantic Forest. Its intensely sloping topography was decisive for creating the building’s implantation, defining the distribution of environments on three different levels so that the house would better accommodate the terrain.
The house is connected to the street through the upper level. On this floor are found the garage and the two accesses to the lower level via two different stairs. On the left end of the plot, the main staircase is located inside the house. On the right side, a metallic ladder suspended over the vegetation is configured as a path through the treetops. This floor is covered by a single pitched roof that slopes and extends itself to the living room and kitchen area, located on the lower floor. This roof is the main protagonist of the house, having an angular cut that defines a central void to keep the vegetation present in the middle section of the site.
On the lower level are the social areas of the house. These glazed areas maintain a direct relationship with the view of the mountains and nature present in the central void. Through the environments of the house and the access stairs, it is possible to circulate and establish an intimate relationship with the preserved forest. Light floods the environments through different openings with different shapes and positions and creates new ambiences throughout the day. On the bedroom floor, which is located below the social level, the spaces are configured as a blind box which opens only to the view of the mountains and provides the necessary privacy for intimate environments.
Finally, the Bosque House embraces a piece of the Atlantic Forest. The trees in the middle section of the building filter the light in different ways throughout the day, creating movement between light and shadow. As the resident once said: “a promenade of light”!



Total constructed area (sqm): 600 sqm

Other participants

Guilherme Castro

Concrete Structural Design: BVA Engenharia
Metal Structural Design: Vista Engenharia
MEP Projects: Marcela Leite
Construction: ENGECAPO

Responsable Architects: Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes e Igor Macedo


Jomar Bragança