The interior design project for Mr. Duong Hoang Lam's bedroom was started in early December 2021, I completed it in March 2022 when both parties were satisfied with the project.

With an area of ​​​​20m2, I have prioritized choosing light-colored furniture to make the room more spacious. The room was chosen with a double bed for Duong Hoang Lam and his wife. The pictures in the room are arranged above the head of the bed and opposite, the actual images selected by the customer, serving the needs of viewing their own images.

The floor of the house chooses hardwoods but still ensures good aesthetics, does not have to be moldy and creates a comfortable feeling for the homeowner. The main door of the room, the window and the curtains are all carefully selected. Curtains are light white, window design overlooking the sea so that you can relax after tired working hours and return to your room.

The room is lit by crystal lamps hanging from the ceiling, as well as 2 small night lights placed at the head of the bed, creating a cozy atmosphere in the evening. The room has an air-conditioner near the main door, opposite the bed is a desk, a piano table. The room is more spacious thanks to the use of long rectangular wall paintings, making the room feel longer. The element of spaciousness is the most important thing that the project aims at.

The project was named "Shine", because the combination of light and color of the room made the room spacious, harmonious and comfortable. The bedroom is the resting place for each of us, comfort is important when setting up a project.



Floor area: 20m2

Quy Quy


Nhan Vo Thanh