Our completed residential project in Hanoi boasts a distinctive land shape, characterized by six irregular edges, challenging the conventional norms of design. The uniqueness of the plot demanded an innovative and unique design approach to optimize space and create a luxurious living environment. After meticulous research and analysis, key design decisions were made as follows:
1. Source of Inspiration and Core Concept:
The distinctive six-sided shape of the land sparked fascination and presented a design challenge. We devoted time to studying the client's requirements and needs, ultimately formulating an optimal plan based on the peculiar shape of the land. The narrowest area at the end of the plot was designated for the staircase, connecting the upper floors. Utilizing the longest edges of the land, functional rooms were arranged, creating efficient square-shaped spaces.
2. Allocation of Spaces and Functional Zones:
Ground floor: Dedicated to office space and a garage.
Floors 1 and 2: Designated as bedroom spaces.
Common living areas are positioned on the top floor, featuring an open space with panoramic views, fostering social connections while maintaining privacy.
The living room area includes a double-height space to maximize light and views.
3. Overcoming Initial Challenges:
The distinctiveness of the land shape posed the initial challenge, coupled with the accelerated timeline imposed by the client. The irregularity prompted extensive brainstorming to ensure optimal use of the land.
4. Construction Techniques and Materials:
The construction follows a reinforced concrete structural system. The design style, characterized by unique and bold shapes, leans towards a simple finish with neutral color tones. The exterior showcases lava stone cladding combined with faux wood tiles, harmonizing seamlessly with greenery.
5. Spatial Configuration and Primary Reasons:
The six-sided plot shaped the spatial configuration, optimizing space utilization. The elevated common living space with a double-height void and open terrace serves as a focal point, providing breathtaking views and greenery, creating a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing environment.
In conclusion, this residential project successfully navigated the challenges posed by the unique land shape, emphasizing innovative design solutions, efficient space utilization, and harmonious integration of materials to create a luxurious and distinctive living space.



Project Name: House 196NS
Completion Year: 2022
Site Area: 78 m2
Construction Area: 75 m2
Gross Built Area: 340 m2
Project Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Ho Quoc Toan
Tran Tung Duong
Le Duc Thang
Nguyen Minh Trung
Nguyen Trung Kien


Huy Trinh