The project is located in the Burera region of Rwanda in East Africa. This project is an eco lodge project where a single family can stay for 3-4 days. It is not a project with 100 to 200 rooms like other hotels, which are tourism buildings. In Africa, apart from hotel projects with 50 to 100 rooms, lodge projects with a small number of rooms built at specific locations have an important share in terms of tourism. These hotel projects located at points with natural beauties that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world are called eco lodges. This name is given due to both environmental factors such as the use of local materials, the harvesting of rainwater, and the natural beauties it is found in. The project land is in a magnificent location. Located in the middle of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo lakes and 6 volcanoes, the land offers a fairytale-like perspective. Located at the top of a hill, the project is designed to accommodate different elevations, just like the architecture of the hill. The design has two different living rooms, one overlooking the volcanoes and one overlooking the lakes. The hall overlooking the volcanoes has a ceiling height of 4.5 meters because we are watching a high angle, while the hall overlooking the lakes has a ceiling height of 3 meters because we are looking at an area at the lower level. Just as we need to lift our heads up when looking at a tall person, spaces are designed with different ceiling heights depending on the height of the views viewed. The project, which has 5 bedrooms on the 1st floor, has a design that offers different views from each room.


G 1 floors

Selim Senin
Alev Doru
Bilgehan Kucukkuzucu


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