Cairo is a city of contrasts, not only in terms of its cultural diversity but also its architecture and urban planning. The city's contemporary form is a result of diverse influences and historical layers, sparking ongoing debates on how to approach Cairo's cultural heritage, whether through restoration, reprogramming, reuse, or even demolition.

Located in the heart of downtown, the Le Viennoise retail area stands as a prominent landmark. To enhance accessibility, the project features three primary entrances interconnected by three axes. The main entrance is situated on Mohamed Basiouny St., the second entrance can be accessed from Champlion St., and the third entrance is connected to Qasr El Nile St. Adjacent to the renowned Champollion building from the 19th century, a symbol of Khedival Cairo, Le Viennoise possesses the potential to offer a stunning space that brims with heritage and encompasses a diverse range of amenities, reflecting the vibrant essence of Cairo. Through its renovation, Le Viennoise will embrace a new era, welcoming local designers, intellectuals, art enthusiasts, culinary aficionados, and style icons, allowing them to forge lasting memories in a captivating environment that connects the past with the present.

This design concept repurposes the existing main alleyways, which have previously offered underwhelming urban experiences, by enclosing them with revamped storefronts for local brands that lead to the central courtyard. The courtyard, once part of an abandoned adjacent building, undergoes a transformative process, utilizing the central zone to create a vibrant gathering hub encircled by enticing food and beverage establishments. Overlooking this lively scene, art galleries and restaurants in the main building add to the allure. Additionally, an urban staircase is introduced, guiding visitors to the roof terrace, which connects seamlessly to the main building through a flyover bridge, offering panoramic views of the entire development.


Location: Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Main Use: Mixed-use Development
Number of Floors: 3
(Basement, Ground & First)
Total BUA: 730 sqm

Hazem Al Zaro
Areej Ibrahim
Hesham Shawqy
Karim Okda


Zaro Architects