“We sell our products, but we don’t eat from them” Farmers said.

Which means revive is an Active Environmental-Genetics Research Center located at Az Zarqa River, Jordan, it's the second largest river in Jordan and the third largest river in the region by annual discharge and its watershed encompasses the most densely populated areas east of the Jordan River, fed by two main water paths, the first path coming from Ras AlAin in Amman as a seasonal rainwater and the second one coming from Wadi Al-Dilail Khrbet As Samra with as perennial river. This area has been affected heavily due to water wrong use, reuse and factories build in the area, since it has been highly contaminated, with high levels of organic matter and various chemical compounds (especially detergents and dyes), the use of Zarqa water for irrigation has significantly altered the biodiversity of the natural flora, and caused the disappearance of the majority of fresh water species, due to all of this the river restoration is one of the top priorities for the Jordanian Ministry of the Environment.

The main purpose of the project is to create advanced active environmental research center, led by researchers and agricultural students to find solutions can reduce the damage done on the environmental side, water, soil and agriculture pollution, therefore improving surrounding community life quality and give them a higher awareness to reducing their fears in such area.

The project consists of three main zones, the first zone is a Complementary Tertiary water plant to the one existed at Khrbit As Samra Located at the second path one of the site side water bath, which gives a semi-purified water lacked final stage, in our project this water gate placed at the upper site second river path side to have natural gate entrance, passes through creating highly quality irrigate water covering wider plants type scale, the second zone consists of Genetic Seed Bank, why Genetic? after polluted water affected the biodiversity of the natural flora, the need to revive a modified genetic seeds which adapt with our site’s environmental conditions and challenges, giving us desired characteristics, with the need to underground seed vaults to store seeds within it, to be used in our project and in the surrounding agricultural lands. As a strong part of project vision is to involve nearby universities agricultural students such as Hashemite University students and researchers who don’t have affiliated center for their training, to have sector in this project as a third zone. I believe that such students raised within this community, many of their parents were once farmers or at least one of their family worked in this industry, they have been affected and raised with this phenomenon so they have this strong sense of belonging, they would be the live engine for the project to make a difference. Creating solution on sight of local community at middle core zone where they have visual axes to it in addition exhibitions and workshops zone represented by students, that been raised by them to have the key stone for gaining community trust and believes of this place.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”.


Project Area | 14000 m2 approx.
Location | Jordan, Az Zarqa.
Unit Types | 1-Complementary Tertiary water plant 2-Genetic Seed Bank 3-Researchers and students institutional section.
Audience | The Researchers, Environmental sector students and accessibility for curtain areas for visitors.
2D drawings | AutoCAD.
3D modeling and rendering | Rhino, Revit and Lumion.

Design Team: Dana Sudqi
Instructors: Ibtesam Khasawneh
University: Hashemite University

Revive by Dana Sudqi in Jordan won the WA Award Cycle 46. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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