The proposed project is an oceanarium situated at the iconic Shivaji Maharaj Memorial site, just off the picturesque Marine Drive in Mumbai. This endeavor has been carefully chosen to fulfill the growing demand for a public aquarium that can captivate both national and international tourists and visitors. The project encompasses a comprehensive array of features essential for an oceanarium, catering to educational, entertainment, research, recreational, and conservation purposes. Importantly, it is designed to harmonize with the marine habitat and ecosystems, ensuring minimal disruption.

Main Display Zone:
This oceanarium serves as a sanctuary for the rich marine life inhabiting the epipelagic zone along the eastern coast of India, specifically focusing on three key regions: the Malabar, the Gulf of Khambhat, and the Lakshadweep Islands. These regions collectively constitute the "Main Display Zone" and are home to over 80% of India's diverse fish species. Visitors can explore a captivating display of marine life from these areas.

Hell Zone Display:
For the adventurous souls seeking a thrill, the "Hell Zone Display" offers an opportunity to observe the formidable sharks of all three coastal regions, complete with an underwater shark cage and tunnel. This immersive experience promises an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures.

Recreational Heaven Zone:
The "Recreational Heaven Zone" is a paradise for leisure seekers. It features the Oceanarium Park, where visitors can swim with dolphins and dugongs, engage in scuba diving amidst schools of fish, and explore an aqua museum. Additionally, this zone boasts a 4D Sky Ocean Motion Theatre and a gift shop, making it the perfect conclusion to your journey through the oceanarium building.
But wait! Before reaching the ferry boat, there's one more surprise waiting on the visitor jetty terrace: an open, lush evergreen landscape with a 360-degree panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the Marine Drive arc, providing a perfect final destination.

Research and Conservation:
Beyond entertainment, the project places a strong emphasis on research and conservation efforts. It incorporates facilities for taxidermy processes, marine DNA research, and a Marine Test-Tube Laboratory.

Service Zone
The service zone is properly placed in the corner, away from the oceanarium display buildings. It includes the Service Jetty that features a lighthouse, emergency search craft, and service boat. There are also storage tank facilities, including Rainwater Harvesting, a Drinking Water Reservoir, Grey and Black Water Storage Tanks for treating marine water, a Fire-Fighting Water Tank and Pump Room, and a Marine Deep Water Inlet Pump Room. Moreover, underground drainage and sewage treatment plants, an AC Plant Room, the building's electrical system, and a caretaker cabinet for 24-hour security are all part of the service facilities.

In conclusion:
The Arabian Sea Oceanarium project represents a harmonious blend of entertainment, education, research, and conservation, all set within the stunning backdrop of the Arabian Sea. Its aim to create an immersive and enriching experience for visitors while contributing to the preservation of the ocean's precious biodiversity.


1. Location: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial Arabian Sea, off Marine Drive Mumbai, Maharashtra.
2. Shivaji Maharaj Memorial Site Area: 1, 59,600 (15.96 Ha) - RECREATIONAL PLOT
3. Proposed Oceanarium Campus Site Area: 30,621 m²
4. Building Floors: Ground plus 6 Floor
5. F.S.I: 0.50 (50%)
6. Building Carpet Area: 12,611 m²
7. Building Built Up Area: 15,131 m²
8. Ancillary Building Services Area: 12,500 m² (Free From F.S.I as per government norms)
9. Building Landscape Area: 12,951 m² (Free From F.S.I as per government norms)
10. Facilities for Reaching Proposed Oceanarium: Primary Option is Passenger Ferry Boat; and Secondary option by Helicopter
11. Building Annual Energy Consumption & Surplus:
a) 500 solar panels for oceanarium space, which 500W per solar panel. Produce according to sun hours in Mumbai are as follows.
• Annual Required Energy Consumption: 547500 MWH
• Annual Energy Generation: 799702.5 MWH
• Annual Energy Surplus: 252202.5 MWH
b) 250 solar panels for public space, which carry 500W per solar panel. Produce according to sun hours in Mumbai are as follows.
• Annual Required Energy Consumption: 273750 MWH
• Annual Energy Generation: 399851.2 MWH
• Annual Energy Surplus: 126101.2 MWH

Please Note:
The current interior images are different from the interior images given in the 36 cycle, because this will be the Second interior as well as Outer design look option, for the State Government of India.
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Anirudha .S. Adivarekar (Under graduation Project)
• Architecture thesis guide: Professor. Asha Baste (B. Arch from Pratt institute, New York)
• External Architecture thesis guide: Professor. R .S. Dixit (New Diploma in Architecture from B.K.P.S, Pune)
• Structural Engineer thesis guide: Professor. Prabhu Atre (Affiliate of American Institute of Architect)


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