Time forever forks to countless future. — Jorge Luis Borges
This space is not only a modern space designed to function, but also a historical site which reconnects with the contemporary era in a viewable and accessible way and steps into the future.

01.The River of Time: Flowing From the Past to the Future
In the late Southern Song Dynasty, astronomer Guo Shoujing of Xingtai devised the Shoushi Calendar, which remained in use for over 360 years. With a history spanning nearly 3,000 years, Xingtai has maintained its organizational system and location throughout its existence. In 2018, the relocation of Xingtai's inaugural grain depot led to the creation of Yuesheng Art Park, featuring over 300 pines and 1,000 stones. This endeavor aimed to compensate for the regrets of the Shang Dynasty, as Xingtai was once its capital city.
Approximately 600 million years ago, the Taihang area, where Xingtai is situated, lay beneath a vast ocean, experiencing fluctuating tides and widespread swamps. Through countless years of constant crustal movement, the magnificent Taihang Mountains emerged. Yet, when compared to the vast river of time, these transformations appear minuscule.
Today, the design of modern spaces in Xingtai showcases a fusion of its extensive historical legacy and a futuristic aesthetic.

02. Space Travel: The Cosmic Revelation
The cosmos, encompassing space and time, represents a harmonious arrangement. For designers, it represents the boundless realm where creativity can flourish.
Within this space, modern wall designs mirror the tapestry of urban fabric and mountain ranges, seamlessly blending the historical, present, and future elements. Tiles scatter silver light, evoking a sense of proximity to a starry constellation.
This space serves as a microcosm, showcasing the city, sky, rivers, and history, inviting exploration. It feels as if humanity has embarked on a new Age of Exploration, where risk and possibility coexist, and bold imagination transcends reason.
Upon entering the park, time and space converge instantaneously. Nightfall unveils inverted stars seemingly within reach, casting their radiance upon the abundant golden wheat.
The stairway acts as a time-space tunnel, seamlessly connecting the outside world with the Exhibition and Convention Center. Visitors experience an instantaneous shift from reality to an immersive space.
The city, mountains, starry sky, and wheat fields abstractly converge within this space, a testament to the enchantment of design. The exploration transcends narration and symbolism—the obstructive walls, the illuminated star map guiding the way, the undulating and color-shifting electronic seawater. Here, nature, city, and human history unite through the time-space tunnel.

While science, technology, architecture, and civilization continue to progress, the cosmos remains constant, roaming through time and space. Velocity loses its vector within the cosmos, creating an impression of endlessness.

03 . The Exploration of Values: From the Space Design Strategy
Yuesheng Tianxiyin City Exhibition and Convention Center, completed in July 2021, occupies the basement level 1 of the sales center of Yuesheng Tianxiyin in Xingtai's city center. Spanning an area of 1,545 square meters, JINDESIGN was entrusted with spatial experience planning and interior design to create a dynamic commercial space that encourages high foot traffic, frequent visits, and customer engagement.
The design approach aligns with the proprietor's Taoism-inspired corporate culture while delving into the connection between space and the city's humanistic attributes and history. This ensures that both the rapidly developing city and company can nurture emotions regardless of the future path they choose.
Just as the seawater ebbs and flows with time, countless azure stars illuminate the cosmos. Our ancient city resembles a single grain of wheat in the cosmic field—a grain that has sustained generations. It sways gracefully amidst changing surroundings, firmly rooted in its essence.



Project Area: 1,545 square meters
Time of Project: July, 2021
Project Location: Xingtai, China

Customer Team: The Research and Development Design Center of Yuesheng Group
Creative Director: Cui Yue
Design Strategy: Hao Mengli
Project Design: Yang Tong, Xu Yingjie, Zhang Chongjie
Soft Outfit Design: Yang Yang, Zhu Jiaying, Yang Wenlei
Lighting Design: Leuchte Lighting Co. Ltd
Photography: Zheng Yan
Video: Xiao Shiming
Copywriting Agency: NARJEELING
Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency


Yan Zheng