The main concept of this project is integration and a sense of fluidity, which is formed from the outer body and continues to the inside.The nature of this project is made of only one unique form, the concrete forms that are placed in the facade.These thick and pure walls are made from the vertical arrangement of Basalt stone ingots that form the project from the entrance to the roof garden and Project skyline, and eventually the whole body. These walls are cut in specific borders of the combination of the facade layers, architectural plan, and structural construction. Meanwhile, the structural elements and facade columns are hidden inside these walls. Between this separated facade, the natural light of interior spaces and appropriate connection with the exterior scene is materialized. Finally, with the extension of these walls into the depth of the project, space arrangement and Indoor arenas are shaped. In this project, the balcony is the specific point of the exterior body and the interior space. In other words, the separation of eastern and western bedrooms is no longer limited to just the solid walls of a traditional balcony. This significant balcony, like a glass box, provides suitable light and view for bedrooms and family living rooms. Moreover, a shrub is located in its center in order to convey a distinctive feeling. In the extension of the north balcony and in the middle axis of the house, the family living room and kitchen are placed. The function and proportion of these spaces are in coordination with the Pieces of basalt walls from the other arenas of the plan. Moreover, the effects of these walls can be seen in public spaces such as the lobby, parking, backyard, staircase, and roof garden. Besides, in each space nature and the independence of materials are preserved. In the interior spaces, furniture, materials of closets, and cabinets are designed of Elm wood to create a warm atmosphere alongside the cold and neutral color of Basalt stone.



Typology: Residential

Location: Tehran, Iran

Year: 2023

Area: 1000 sqm

Client: Private

Principal Architects: Mohammad Rismanchian


Mohammad Rismanchian Mohammad Rismanchian