An ergonomic yet educational and inspiring setting to serve company events and offices. The entrance is lit by hexagonal lighting fixture, designed to reflect the chemistry background of the company, as well as various glass partitions filled with gelatin capsules. To create an educational friendly atmosphere we introduced casual seating areas, a café and meeting rooms with graphics narrating the company story, multimedia interactive screens, a library, and information diagrams.
Inspired by the late founder words: "Education is not a philosophy it's our policy."
We approached the project by introducing educational design concepts to create a multidisciplinary office and meeting space, taking the company history and growth and geographical reach mixed with the family culture to reflect on this simple yet modern and friendly open space design.
Dynamic space allows employees to experience new concepts of work through learning in a positive and creative atmosphere and sense of belonging. A variety of working setups were introduced; benches, high desks, traditional desks, casual seating areas, interactive screens altogether to encourage performance in a productive and creative way. The space is used also to hold events, seminars and training sections.

We studied employee's needs, spending time at the company to come up with valuable working methods that serves future growth as well as the ethical culture in the company. Selecting suitable quotes and posters to represent each meeting room as one of the company branches across the world was an eye opener to users, while filling the glass partitions with gelatin capsules to achieve privacy in some spaces add an elegant charm on the offices and emphasis the pharmaceutical industry.



The floating hexagonal formation of solid wooden frames and lights together with the exposed metallic ventilation system at the entrance represents the industrial pharmaceutical business of the company. The mixture of warm natural wood, leather seats, glass partitions and textile curtains gave the space a genuine look while the dark blue colored walls and the featured doors represent again knowledge and learning.

Architect Ruba Wafa Tarazi


Rand Nassar