The dynamics of our country have seen a paradigm shift in the last ten years when we speak
about leisurely activities that people occupy themselves with. From local restaurants to
international food brand chains to pubs and bars that have now taken over and piqued the
interests of the millennials of the country, these hospitality spaces are the much-needed escape
from reality, even if for a small time frame. Acting as recreation spaces while adding a western
touch to our culture, these pubs, bars, and restaurants now define the culinary and mixology
scenarios, taking it up a notch. Designed by Chromed Design Studio, on similar lines, is Flaunt -
by Duty Free, Delhi.
The client's brief was clear; he wanted to create an upscale casual bar that was both stylish and
eye-catching. To achieve this goal and in order to elevate the brand, they wanted to invest in the
interiors and decor to make a statement, hence, creating a gimmick and up-marketing through
the means of the interiors of a space. The restaurant is conceptualized as a casual bar where
people would come to spend a good time with their friends or family, alongside enjoying a few
drinks or even cocktails. Spatially, the area is divided into three cardinal parts- the two outdoor
seating areas of 1200 sq. ft. each, in the front and the back, and the indoor space that occupies
the sprawling area of 2300 sq. ft.
As you enter the built environment, the focus is first drawn to the bar- a high-energy, lit-up, 400
sq. ft. bar that is elevated. The idea was to draw up the focus on what the place stands for. This
upscaled bar is crafted with an onyx top and has the brand logo. With a mirror on its ceiling, this
bar glimmers and shines through days and nights. On top of the bar is a band with dramatic
typography in creative lighting, adding to the vibe of the space. At the same time, one would
realize that the materials used to make the bar are synonymous with the materials on the
facade of the place. This is done so that there is a sense of perennial continuation and
relatability for the guests to seamlessly experience the outdoors and the indoors, making it a
wholesome space tied together.
Some innovatively designed patterns are reflected in the flooring- be it the black and white tiles
cut into pieces on site and placed creatively or the green flooring resembling a semi-precious
stone. Considering cost-effectiveness as much as possible, using semi-precious stones would
not have been the most practical approach. Hence, as a solution, a high-resolution print of the
stone was taken on glass and then laid to have it backlit, completely resembling the stone look
that they wanted to opt for. On the same lines, the marble on the bar is also not natural marble
but a rendition of it- with it being hand-painted over a piece of wood.
The primary colour palette of the space is kept to a range of mauvish tones coupled with gold
accents to add an extra oomph to the atmosphere. While the ceiling is predominantly kept bare
and exposed, certain elements are juxtaposed in. On the one hand, there are pink plastic tiles
that occupy the z-axis, and on the other, there is a light installation in the centre. This installation
is designed to be crafted in a 3x5 inch acrylic sheet that can change the lighting to the rhythm of

the music, like the DMX lighting. This wave-like structure brings in a sense of movement and
dynamism to the linear space.
Additionally, there are multiple chandeliers also interspersed throughout the entirety of this
project, instilling a tinge of opulence and luxe. Extending the colour palette further, the wall
panellings and the furniture all embody a mix of pink and purple, sometimes solid, sometimes in
print. According to Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, sourcing the purple mirror behind the bar was a real
task, but all's well that ends well - and hence, this rare sourcing adds a sense of volume to the
space by making it seem larger than it is.
In conclusion, Flaunt is a well-designed dynamic restaurant that comprises an off-beat dining
experience. With its focus on creativity and flexibility, it offers guests an enjoyable, memorable,
and ever-evolving dining experience. Hospitality spaces designed by Chromed Design Studio
always embody a comfortable and inviting place, with a warm atmosphere alongside great food,
and excellent service. Whether you're looking for a night out with friends or a date night, Flaunt
by Duty Free is the perfect place to make lasting memories.



Chromed Design Studio