It is no coincidence that Emma Lake Resort & Spa is so popular with domestic and foreign tourists. But at Emma almost fully converges all the necessary elements. For you when choosing to stay and stay here. Everyone will have a peaceful and relaxing time for themselves.
Emma consists of 112 rooms with international 5-star quality standards. Almost all rooms at Emma are very focused on the decoration and presentation of items. Emma's most extraordinary feature is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign tourists. That is using the most luxurious and modern furniture. So it will make the space, as well as the scenery here, become harmonious. From the room to the surroundings. All are designed so that visitors can feel friendly and close to nature.

Rooms at Edeensee are designed in an open-space architectural style. Most rooms have windows overlooking the pine hill area or the lake. It makes the scene here no different from the fairy tales.
The other services included here are also highly appreciated for their quality and service attitude. So if you have had the opportunity to come here already. Surely, anywhere could not feel better than Emma. The room has a view of the city center area. And if you choose the rooms with a view of the campus and garden area. It will also be very enjoyable
Around the hotel, there are many luxury coffee shops with beautiful views. Even if you come to Bangkok with other girls. Or go with family or a group of tourists. Then surely Emma will also best meet your resort needs.



GFA: 3000m2

Mr. Wike, Ms Arthur


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