If you are looking for yourself and your family. A 5-star standard hotel, newly built. It is located right in the center of the romantic Da Lat city. The Hotel Anna is one of the best and ideal choices for you.
Located in a prime and convenient location. Both are convenient for moving and commuting. Not only that, Hotel Anna is located right above the Da Lat Center area. So you can easily see the whole city scene right in your room. Or if you want to see the scenery of Da Lat night market from above. It is also quite simple and easy. Because open the window of your room, you can see the whole beautiful scene.
Due to newly built and put into operation recently. So Anna was designed in a completely new architectural style. Extremely luxurious and modern, fully equipped with the most luxurious and modern amenities. Surely when choosing Anna, you will have the most complete and wonderful vacation and travel time.
Anna's campus has an area of ​​up to 40,000m2. Free of flowers as well as typical plants of Da Lat. Perhaps that's why even though it's in the city center. But Anna still retains her own unique poetic and romantic beauty.
Currently, Anna also has a new hotel area. Located right next to the old hotel area. Suppose you like the freshness and youthfulness. Then you can also choose to stay in this area to feel all the specials of this hotel
Although located far from the city center area, about 4km. But that is not why you do not choose this place as a place to stay and stop for yourself and your family. One more point is that is very popular with tourists. It is located in one of the areas with extremely poetic and romantic natural landscapes. Bringing the unique characteristics of the old Da Lat. So when choosing to stay here will bring you the most comfortable and peaceful feeling.



Site area: 5.243 m2
Plot ratio/Floor Area Ratio: 6.6
GFA: 65.000 m2

Mr. Luan, Ms. Xuka


Xuka Paradie