Ganaveh Port Welfare Services Complex

From an international point of view, Iran is one of the most important transit routes of goods in the Middle East. From a regional and extra-regional point of view, Ganaveh port where is located in the west of Bushehr province and adjacent to the Persian Gulf countries is one of the most important and largest commercial and economic hubs in the south of the Iran country. This port has played an essential role in land and sea trade connections since time immemorial. Therefore, the design and construction of welfare-services complex at the entrance of this port is an infrastructural measure in order to develop intercity transport and service fleet. The architecture of this complex also has special importance. Not only it could be figured out as a sign of city at the entrance of the region, but also it represents the historical, cultural and regional background and characteristics of this region.

As a result, paying attention to the context, history, climate and local materials as well as cultural and social signs of Genaveh port have been considered as main factors in the initial studies.

In the primary site visits, three historical, cultural and social cores of Genaveh port were studied

1. Historical core: First, the historical part of current Genaveh city was visited. The area that today is called Tirosul (meaning sand or compacted soil in the local language) with half-buried remains of walls and arches made of dense and compact masses of mud and red clay. Local materials from the context which are very compatible with the hot and humid climatic conditions of the region and are abundantly available.
2. Social-Commercial core: In the second visit, the main marketplace of the city and its contexture were studied. This contexture has been the connection between the city and people with natural and organic development over the years. Semi-open spaces have been reproduced layer by layer along the sequence of each other; however, a few common architectural features and signs could be mentioned about them such as irregular and heterogeneous canopies which cover the entrance, sides and corridors of the market place and form its skyline. This pattern and its special function and formal potentials have been perceived from the studying phase to redesigning phase.
3. Cultural and economic core: Ganave harbor and coastline where is the touristic and economic attractions part of this port, was our third destination for visiting. This location with its significant economic role has been the origin of fishing in southern Iran. The landscape of mooring and accumulation of barges and parked boats on the coast line, just like art installation has created a formal and architectural combination on the city and sea landscape.

All these field and historical studies of the region and the experience of passing, lingering and living in the city result in the source of inspiration for the project concept, ideation and designing. This design is one of the final proposed concepts.


Typology: mixed-use complex

Location: Ganaveh Port, Boushehr Province, Iran

Year: 2020

Area: 18000 sqm

Client: Private

Principal Architects: Shahram Farjadian, Sahand Mosallaei
Design Team:
Maryam Khalili
Mounes Sherafati
Mohammad Masrour
Ghazal Omidvar


FAAM Design and Architecture Office