Flamingo Lara is a project designed to fascinate people along the coast with its interior design and its aesthetic facade.
As the Designist team, interior designers Asli Arıkan Dayıoğlu, Gizem Acun and architect Ecem Öksüz in facade design have aimed to bring a new breath Antalya with this project.
The concept is based on Flamingos. Attracting attention with their proud stance and looks, eye-catching pink (rosa) colors, flamingos enchant many people with their feather color and elegant stance. Especially because they stand on one leg and live in extraordinary places, these beautiful animals have inspired Lara to create a place that will breathe new life. In addition, the fact that they prefer to live in large groups rather than singularly and that the spirit of community is indispensable for them, an environment has been created in Flamingo Lara where extraordinary and rare communities can come together and have fun.
With the placement of the neon flamingo statue, which floats gracefully among tropical plants, on the exterior, it is aimed to arouse curiosity by welcoming everyone even as they cross the road. The giant walnut veneer entrance door plays the biggest role in the different perception of the space from the outside, with the reflection of the Antalya sun on the ground in a square shape between the entrance eaves consisting of layered textured painted plates. From the moment you enter, the colors and materials chosen, inspired by the feathers of beautiful flamingos, have taken on an atmosphere that will take you to other lands with the touch of warm and tropical plants. The red color tones in the feathers of flamingos vary according to the amount of carotene contained in the food they eat. Seafood such as shrimp and crab, which are among these foods that give color to their feathers, complete the concept as part of the special menu of the place.
The unique blue of the Mediterranean, which adds the rhythm of the night to the calmness of the morning and the rhythm of the night to the magic of the evening, stands out with the uniqueness of Flamingo Lara. The nature of every destination it is in is like a photograph. Flamingo Lara in the heart of Lara, which meticulously reveals the nature of every destination it is in, like a photo frame, is a candidate to be the apple of the eye of Antalya.




Aslı Arıkan Dayıoğlu
Gizem Acun
Ecem Öksüz
Reyhan Uras


Tamer Harvetioğlu