A touristic oasis located among the greenery of nature, in Radhima. Laid on a sloping terrain, with a spectacular view from the Jon sea. It is less than 10 m from the sea coast.
Indicated by its surroundings, the design concept is tightly related with relief and nature. All the complex is designed with wide green terraces and sea front spaces. Absolutely everything in this resort is with a sea view.
A resort that tends to attract all types of tourists thanks to its accommodation facilities, in hotel rooms and apartments.
There is a hotel with 30 standard rooms, each one with a big veranda in front of it, where someone can feel the pleasure of summer breeze and the amazing panorama. An added value are the variety of services it offers such as a large restaurant and a bar. They both have the easiest access, due to their position on the ground floor of the hotel, directly from the waterfront.
In another area of the complex, separately from the hotel, are positioned many apartments, in order to keep their privacy. There are 55 apartments of different tipologies, however all of them are sea oriented.
Outside there is a designed landscape. A large swimming pool is designed on top of the building, incorporated into a large garden, where someone can enjoy the view of Karaburun peninsula and the most beautiful sunsets.
There are also underground floors that help with cars circulation and parking.
The façade concept is inspired by sea waves. It will be with composite elements and glass curtain walls, in order to be in contact with nature and the panorama as much as possible.


Radhimë, Vlorë, Albania

Area of the plot:
4 470 m²
Area of the project:
11 515 m²
Area underground:
6 698 m²
Number of parking spaces:

Architectural design team:

Olsi Efthimi
Xhenisa Ajazi
Anxhela Halilaj


Jetmir Nuhaj