Located on Phu Quoc Island, The Mansion Phu Quoc is inspired by its location and an old story. Drawn from the island's aura and the mythical tale of a mermaid, the design is a dance of location and legend. Crafting a tangible bond with the sea and mermaid, reflective materials mimic the sea's enigmatic essence, conjuring the allure of hidden waters and an untold story. Here, design and narrative entwine seamlessly.
The Mansion Phu Quoc tells the story of La’Pettite Sirene seeking her mermaid savior's traces on Pearl Island. From the lobby to our room and restaurant, we are eager to depict each milestone of her mystical journey. Tania - Madame Sirene's best friend's boat, and Santa Maria rooms (Madame Sirene's boat) are named and designed inspired by the two boats in the journey and represent an exciting feeling as if you are embarking on a new adventure with worries and curiosity. Then, the one-and-only La’Pettite Sirene uniquely symbolizes the treasures that may spark future stories. The room is transformed from a relic exhibition, adorned with Lady Sirene's precious artifacts and exquisite decor, blending nostalgia with contemporary style, conveying that the quest for mermaids in Phu Quoc's waters remains an enduring part of island life. The room embodies a captivating journey filled with twists and turns, evoking a deep belief in enchanting tales. Let The Mansion Phu Quoc take your "Under The Sea" curiosity "On The Boat" to "On The Island" - where all the new discoveries blend seamlessly with the inherent beauty of the local scenery, creating a harmonious combination.


Area: 360m2 x 5 floors
Hotel rooms: 28m2 - 60m2
Restaurant: 70m2
Reception: 40m2

Tran Quang Trung
Pham Hong Thai
Terresa Sam
Chu Dieu Linh
Nguyen Thanh Tra


Thai Pham