'A river of serenity, a hotel of style, a match made in heaven, that's sure to beguile.' Amidst the bustling business district of Surat, nestled by the tranquil Tapi river, lies a magnificent gem - Park Inn by Radisson. With a nod to the diamond hub of India, this modest hospitality brand has achieved a perfect harmony between catering to the needs of discerning guests and upholding its fundamental values. The design, starting from the exterior and flowing throughout the interiors, superbly showcases a minimalist approach. While on the porch one can observe the discreet incorporation of universal design through the presence of a ramp. Upon entering, the reception area captures one’s attention with a backdrop adorned with playful triangular patterns that serve as an intriguing focal point.
iculously designed with carefully integrated elements, the lobby, cafe, gym area, and conference room on the ground floor are all thoughtfully crafted spaces. The attention to detail is evident in the chosen materials for each space, as well as in the use of efficient, sustainable, and ergonomic furniture. In the lobby, the presence of a photograph featuring a Dutch monument subtly references the European influence on Surat’s art and architecture. The cafe's minimalist, refined, and cosy space exudes a contemporary chic atmosphere, with wooden elements and pristine white walls that combine to create a soothing and inviting ambience. An accent wall featuring brick cladding and wall art above the lintel level adds to the charm and character of the space. In the gym area, motivational artwork serves to cultivate a positive mindset among fitness enthusiasts. The conference room is a space of comfort and productivity, with functional furniture and modern lighting that allow for seamless collaboration.

Inviting and stylish, the hotel rooms greet guests with contemporary wallpaper, unique lighting fixtures, and muted colours. The rooms are adorned with graphical illustrations of River Tapi and the bridges, serving as a reminder of how Surat's progress is attributed to the duo. Complementing the overall mood palette, the pendant lights cast a gentle glow that further accentuates the modern, sophisticated feel of each retreat. Exuding elegance and refinement, the banquet hall impresses with its plush carpeted floor, sleek marble walls, and ample natural light. At the heart of the hall, a remarkable linear cluster chandelier steals the show, capturing everyone's attention. An incredible example of modern design infused with regional influences, the all-day dining area features a striking fluted wood ceiling at its center and captivating artworks that celebrate Surat's thriving textile industry.

Park Inn pays tribute to the factors that have greatly impacted Surat and contributed to its progress and advancement. The design elements portray the essence of the city’s cultural legacy, skilled craftsmanship, and dynamic art scene. Like a river that flows through time, the hotel integrates local nuances, weaving the past and present into a stunning masterpiece that comes to life anew.


Area: 65000 sqft
Completion: April 2022

Team Designers Group