The main purpose of the project is to make this site a reachable and interactive place with the stream. When we analyzed the current circulation of people, we saw that they were passing through our project site not even close to the shoreside. To not break their circulation but make it better to have a relation with the stream.

The project is located adjacent to Alibeykoy stream in Haliç, İstanbul. Although there are some advantages that it obtains due to its location also there is a possibility of cutting off people's relationship with the stream due to the fact that it is at the bottom of the river. In order to prevent this, the buildings were pulled to the back side and positioned away from the stream. At the same time, a sectional building design was considered in order to show respect to the historical structures in the region.

The main purpose of the design is to increase the relationship of this community center building located by the stream and to make the importance of water to people and to gain awareness about it. With the help of this concept, a neighborhood treatment center was conceived and this process was made more encouraging by involving people in the water treatment processes here. On the one hand, people gain consciousness by participating in the treatment processes and have the opportunity to watch these processes at the same time.

Two separate structures were envisaged for the technical and theoretical processes of this concept. One is a technical structure where people can watch the purification processes, just like a museum, and the other is a community center that provides education about these processes. The treatment plant is part of this community center, these two different functions actually serve the same purpose, and this purpose is to make the time of people in the neighborhood in this community center quality and make them aware of the importance of water.

In short, the relationship between the Community Center and the people of the neighborhood should be in cooperation and interaction in accordance with a common goal.


Usage: Community Center
Location: Haliç, İstanbul, Turkey
Project Area: 9502m2
Number of Floors: 2
Building height: 7.20m
Status: Designed for ARCH302 Project

Designer (Student): Yunus Emre Bolat
Instructor: Prof.Dr. İmre Özbek Eren


Yunus Emre Bolat

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