​Located in the south of Ningbo Science City, the Bridgehead has excellent connections to the surrounding transport systems and landscape resources. Led by Aedas Global Design Principal Ken Wai, an integrated commercial hub is created that incorporates office, retail and hotel.

The development is closely connected to the main roads and metro stations, overlooking the landscape and lakeside view. The layout places the office tower on the east to provide easy access to workers, while the hotel is placed on the northwest to enjoy the landscape scenery. All functions are connected through a retail podium, forming a semi-open piazza with a vibrant retail atmosphere. A corridor is designed on the second floor to link the metro station to the development.

The design is inspired by the local snow mountain, delivering a unique and sensational experience to the visitors. The corridor guides the circulation to the development from the metro station, towards the four-season courtyard that seamlessly integrates the exterior and interior space. On the top of the hotel, a corridor is designed to offer a panoramic cityscape view.

The office and hotel façades mimic the movement of a waterfall by creating variation between glass panels with horizontal and tilted vertical fins. The office lobby uses glass walls and corrugated aluminium panels on the canopy to offer an elegant entrance. The stacked podium adopts ceramic and metal panels, and creates a multi-leveled retail journey.

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Gross Floor Area: 191,400 sq m

Design and Project Architect: Aedas
Design Director: Ken Wai, Global Design Principal


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