HC Boutique is a retail store that is designed for women’s clothing that has 40m² gross sales area.
It is designed to reflect the round and rose colors in a stylish way. therefore, concept arises from this idea of round details in different functions.

The client’s first demand was to attract people with the elegant style of the store.
Number of units with mirror, fitting rooms have been located in a careful way to use the small space in an efficient way. Under the hanger units, drawers have been located in order to increase the stock capacity. These drawers hace rails to move practically in this small space.

On the floor, laminated parquet have been used in light colors.

In metal hangers, rose cladding have been used in a round shape with connections of a ball detail. These round shapes have been used to explain the design in a fluent and naif ways with Its rose color.

Since the project area is narrow, it is important to create a large atmosphere. Mirror circumstances are used to express the area larger and spacious.

Moreover, rose color and accents of blush pink reflect the feminine side of the project.

On the facade, flower combination have been used to make an attention with light pink colors that is completed with antracite door frames. Moreover, logo is designed with clients name to reflect the intention of the store in an elegant way.

There are adjacent stores around and this style is reflecting Its concept with the usage of materials and colors that explains the quality of a god workmenship.



Hangers: Metal cladding
Flooring: Laminated parquet
Walls: Water based paint

Elif Arslan Ergün


Ali Bekman