The Vision
The project aims to develop the pyramid area by designing several multi-purpose towers to develop the site in the administrative, residential and commercial buildings, by allocating one of the four towers to be the administrative headquarters of Apple in Egypt and the Middle East, in addition to the establishment of Apple Store in the Al-Ahram Street area, which is enjoying great development at the time The current one is supposed to be one of the biggest business hub in Egypt

form generation
It is based on having two main axes of view, the Three Pyramids and the Grand Egyptian Museum, so that the four towers have maximum exposure and In the middle of the four towers there is a plaza consisting of two floors containing entertainment services and Since the direction of the majority of the project mass is located in the southern direction, the facades were treated with horizontal louvers, In addition to making graduated pyramids in the facades to preserve the historical character of the Three Pyramids area.

Components of the project
The project consists of the first and second floors, which are a commercial mall, and there is an Apple Store in the middle Then we move on to the upper floors. The project consists of four towers, each of them has a different function from the other. We start with Tower T1 of these towers is the administrative headquarters of Apple with a height of 20 floors As for Tower T2, it is a hotel-residential apartment with a height of 23 floors, and then we move to Tower T3 which is a hotel building with a height of 21 floors Then we move to the T4 tower, which is an office building with a height of 17 floors.



The building was designed to simulate Apple's culture in designing all its buildings, as it uses black and white colors and relies on simple and clear lines and simplicity of elements.
In addition, the building is able to face the environmental conditions in which it is located, such as high temperatures Through the environmental treatments that exist in it, and the building preserved the historical character of the pyramids area, and we see this in the facades that are characterized by the presence of pyramids in it.

Ahmed Khaled Saad Eldin


main 3d exterior shoot shoot

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