Set in the tropical hills of Western Sahyadri mountains, the villa site is located on a heavily contoured site rising 10 meters North above from the access road level and expanding as it rises into a high narrow edge. This geography is the most interesting feature of the site as it brings in a small rivulet that runs along the diagonal edge of the plot. While the house rises functionally over the contour, footprint also keeps extending towards a long elongated edge. The hill naturally descends another 10 meters to join the sea further.
The house is planned as 3 non intersecting floor plates that are set along the existing contours to marginalize cutting of the hill strata. Thus each of the floors has a large terrace which infact is the roof for the floor below. The only section that connects the whole house together is the lift lobby forming 2 separate double height lobbies at the entrance level and the family room level. The lower levels are gatherings and entertainment with large living room and dining room connected visually through the swimming pool apart from a kitchen and personal gym. The top two storeyes are the private quarters of the family with a mini theatre and 6 luxurious bedroom each overlooking the sea. Each of the connecting terraces are pocket gardens for the individual bedrooms
Imperatively, all these surfaces are exposed to sunlight about 10-12 hours of the day. To reduce the absorption of tropical heat on these surfaces, an additional permeable screen of bamboos is added to the skeleton on 3 sides, to shield it but not completely shut it out. These screens can be opened sporadically depending on the angle of sun and season giving the house a mobility such that the house never looks the same. Not only do the screens create interesting shadow patterns inside the home but also regulate the movement of sea breeze inside the house



Mr.Sanjay Puri, Ms.Aditi Khavnekar

HILL HOUSE by SANJAY PURI ARCHITECTS in India won the WA Award Cycle 44. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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