There is a huge gap between unskilled labor, education employment, and opportunities
in low-income communities also they are unable to reach the necessities of daily life
which make them underprivileged and shows the inequality in society which should be
rectified until or unless this becomes a larger problem and the whole society indulges
into it .so the need for quick solutions can make a larger and quicker impact so that’s
why the design should be on prefabricated structures so that we can easily install that in
different communities quickly as according to the case study they have this type of
structure which also can grow according to the needs of the user and community also
Youth began to linger behind in every field due to lack of skilled based and quality
education especially for poor. They lack hard and soft skills; they do not know the basic
skills that are required in the various industries. Hence, get unemployed. This is where
technical school plays its role. Technical schools produce more skilled people. Skills
they develop in the process of learning can be used as their source of income and to
teach others. Enhancing skills will eventually lead to freelancing and entrepreneurship.
Vocational education will help students to gain knowledge and required skills for the job
market. Although Architects cannot address youth concerns (related to Education and
Unemployment) directly, they can indirectly solve these problems by addressing the
concern related to technical schools.As fastest growing population yet limited opportunities, Economic deprivation, Pakistan is grappling with illiteracy that accelerating rate of children out of school ended up in child labor which effects health and personal development. Low cost skill development center can be an indispensable contribution for youth to learn, develop and explore by means of architecture.


By using repurposed containers and a modular grid structure, a cost-effective and adaptable approach can be adopted to improve skill development centers in Pakistan, positively impacting the lives of youth. Customizable containers and the utilization of upcycled industrial pallets as flooring not only reduce costs but also create a relatable environment for community.

student muhammad bilal
instructor muhammad mehdi


Muhammad Bilal