XL Architecture Engineering, led by Architect Arda Işık, which has signed award-winning architectural and interior design projects of different scales and functions, is also designing the annex building of the award-winning shared office space Withco Coworking Space in İzmir.
Withco Coworking Space, which became operational at the end of 2019 and includes 80 detached offices, 25 desk units, a lecture room for 98 people, meeting rooms, a YouTube studio, a cafe, a wellness restaurant and common areas, has 56 detached offices in the expansion area with a construction area of 1750 m². There will be meeting rooms, shared work areas and resting areas.
In the annex building of Withco Coworking Space, designed by XL Architecture Engineering, offices with views of the Izmir Bay and Harbor and shared spaces will offer new experiences for Withco members.
XL Architecture Engineering, led by Architect Arda Işık, whose basic design tools are to "imagine" and "inspire", continues the idea of creating a shared office and co-working space in the annex building, which will be a pioneer with the spatial and fictional character it created while designing Withco Coworking Space. The additional building, designed in accordance with the Withco main building setup with its façade and interior, is planned to be put into service in early summer of 2023.


XL Architecture Engineering