The architectural design of this residential facade embodies a visionary approach that transcends conventional norms. Modern aesthetics and cubism become essential components and the use of metal, glass, and concrete, and the rhythmic arrangement of louvres emulates the hallmarks of modern architecture. The cubist influence is evident in the protruding masses, which create a sense of depth and dimensionality. The use of geometric shapes and straight lines reinforces the modern aesthetic of the facade, while the combination of materials adds texture and visual interest.

The facade is an interplay of volumes: the top half features protruding masses clad in concrete and wood, while the bottom half is finished with a customised aluminium texture. And yet, from the street, the home is an enigma. The exterior is surrounded by metal panels and high fortress-like windows, designed to afford a superior level of privacy, creating a sense of seclusion from the outside world. However, to enhance the connection between the interior and its surroundings, a touch of greenery is incorporated into the design. Lush plants and carefully chosen landscaping elements bring life and vibrancy to the facade. The greenery softens the architectural lines and adds a sense of tranquillity to the overall composition.

This facade boasts a captivating blend of materials exuding a rustic charm yet maintaining a modern appeal. The intricately fluted wooden elements of this design creates a mesmerising visual effect, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the exterior, with the textures taking the spotlight. On the other hand, the use of metal, glass, and concrete play together to seamlessly blend modern design with industrial elements.



The expansive 225 sq. yard residence in West Delhi, captivates the onlookers with its facade, which is a striking embodiment of modernity and cubist influences, featuring a harmonious blend of materials. Much of the ‘one-with-the-surrounding’ spirit it possesses, is accomplished through the constant strive for contextual design. This visceral instinct has been amplified by materiality that is modern, and an architectural expression that embraces cubism.

ASRO Arcade


ASRO Arcade