Located on an imaginary site on the island of Cyprus, the project aims to create a spatial variety through the application of planes only.
Moving on the trail from the olive grove, the visitor enters on a bridge-like structure over a body of water to exemplify the separation from the site onto the planar structure, moving from an open atmosphere onto a space engulfed by planes.
Planes are used to construct the space and enhance the experience by providing various light conditions. Additionally, it results in a stair-like structure that allows the visitor to explore the site moving down towards the creek. Upon entry after the reception space, the visitor is met with the courtyard condition overlooking the public pool that leads to the cafe and private spaces.
Throughout the processional sequence, a body of water is consistently present to guide the visitor through the project and explore the various spaces. Towards the North, the spaces gravitate the visitor's attention back to the olive grove.
The horizontal planes are used as a means of separation to transition from an open public space to a private section. On the entry level, the private spaces consist of massage rooms with varying heights. While on the lower level, a sauna room is placed that mimics the terrace condition to create seating on the interior. Translucent glass is added to enhance a sense of privacy in places such as bathrooms. Glass is treated as a separate plane and is offset to create a separation between the different elements.
The highest region in the spa is isolated and overlooks the whole project, considered a hibernation pod with minimal lighting due to overshadowing horizontal planes to create a quiet and dark atmosphere.
The visitor follows a procession that provides a variety of light and dark spaces that alter the atmospheres of different zones formed in the spa.


Area: 450.5 m2
No. of floors: 3
Building height: 11.6m
2D drawings: AutoCAD
3D drawings: Rhino

Instructor: Michael Hughes
ARC 202 American University of Sharjah

The Spa by Hala Naser in Cyprus, Turkish Rep. of Northern won the WA Award Cycle 44. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Hala Naser