A building in ruinous state, almost 300 years old structure built with Lakhori bricks, Lime and Brick dust mortar was restored from a very damaged condition after lying abandoned for countless decades. The structure had to be retrofitted in countless ways which included adding foundations, structural support and building buttresses to counter the lateral movement previously existing. The project was completed over a period of three years with countless craftsmen being trained during the process to revive old methods and techniques.
The project hopes to create more hope for the forgotten Heritage of Dehradun which holds great potential and also stresses on the idea of reduce, reuse and recycle as we face climate change on a global level. The material used in the restoration of the original structure as well as the extension are a revival of numerous traditional Indian mortar recipes, however the modern materials have also been used where necessary, keeping in mind the current needs and usage scenario. As the building is centuries old Building Services such as Electrical and Plumbing for the very first time. Its feasibility was a major challenge to put it to an adaptive reuse, which was made possible by working out solutions which were non intrusive in nature.
The Building currently houses a Himalayan themed Dining in the old precincts of Rajpur village in Dehradun, which at one point of time was a bustling part of the city as one headed towards the hills of Mussoourie and beyond.



Conservation and Restoration of Load Bearing Structure in Brick and Lime based mortar, Underpinning of Foundations, Crack stitching of separated walls with FRP rods.

Conservation Architect: Ar. Mauli shree Mishra
Associate Architect: Ar. Siddhartha Mukherjee
Client: Mitho Thakali, (AMA Group)
Masons: Mullah ji, Md. Islam, Ram Bahadur, Rajesh
Carpentry and Woodwork: Md. Ehsan, Studio Alaya Dehradun
MEP: Mr. Rakesh, Mr, Vishnu
Conservation Material Provider: CTS Europe, Mr. Roberto Bello


Siddhartha Mukherjee