OMELAS is a name inspired by the city in a novel in this city there was a child hidden under the ground when he came out many things changed in the city, The child is a representation of our hidden potential that we will release in this center and lead to major changes ...

Over time, we try to maximize things that architecture can help in, this project will help our society with a New Dimension of thinking, OMELAS will help young people to know themselves better through a center that links the characters' behavior, interests, and abilities to identify their hidden potentials when we help the individuals, we help the community by putting our abilities in the right place

The idea came out of the urgent need for a project that helps you to know yourself, that is specifically directed to young people because a large percentage of these young people are facing a difficult time in choosing their university major or what they want to do in their lives. They have no definite frame of reference to which they can refer before making their decision except a set of norms and traditions, this project will be the reference and help you to know the core of your choices

Investing in young people is not just a matter of rights; it is also a matter of smart social and economic development; Jordan is a very youthful country WITH a youth dependency ratio of 52 %

''The great loss in our society is not the waste of our natural resources, the great loss in our society is by not using our HUMAN resources “(Oliver Wendell Holmes).

Positive Impacts of the project :

• help individuals to have positive self-images and healthy self-esteem
• When helping young people to learn new skills, It will enable them to get out of the circle of determinants of
society and the educational system.
• when you know your passion, you will have ambition and values that feed your soul
• Self-satisfaction and less self-blame
• When people discover their passion and invest in it, it will result in a new profession. Ex: animation is an
example of a passion or hobby that turned now into a career
• When young people know their interests and are educated in the center, there will be more diversity in
choosing the majors in universities
• Economic development (by putting our ability in the right place)

Goals & Objectives:

1- Career exploration—By identifying personal interests and how these relate to different occupations
2- Self-development—The experience heightens people's self-awareness and provides a deeper understanding of individual strengths and blind spots
3- Bring together diverse people
4- Creates active public space
5- The project will be the reference for those who want to try a new thing
6- Help youth to engage more with the community



Plot area: 22,500 sqm
Built-up area: 21,780 sqm
Foot print :7300 sqm

The project contains 6 main zones each one has its own functions and theme reflected in a spatial experience to help us in the journey of exploration, The zones are categorized according to (Holland’s theory) is a theory that takes the personality type and abilities and the environment that fits you into account to know your type there are 6 types of environments in holland theory:

1- Realistic Environment (the doers)
2- Investigator Environment (The thinkers)
3- Artistic Environment (The creators)
4- Conventional Environment (The Organizers)
5- Enterprising Environment (The Persuaders)
6- Social Environment (The helpers)

There is another zone that is located at the beginning of the project
7- The General Zone (Intro)
It is the intro space that will lead to the Interactive Screen gallery talks about the story of OMELAS and a brief of the next 6 main zones (previously mentioned)

Structural system:
a three-dimensional smart system is used to help in the complex program of the project we have 6 different zones but one project so this system was offering a great opportunity for the project's program and spatial experience

Designed by: Yasmeen Iniem

Supervised by: Dr.Amer Al-Jokhadar

OMELAS : Self-Exploration Center by Yasmeen Inaim in Jordan won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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