In response to the high development of modern cities, along with the verticalization of commercial and residential spaces, people's daily lives are also verticalized. But the verticalized space that emphasizes efficiency gradually erase people's past local life.

As MVRDV mentioned in the past, driven by demographic and economic forces, these cities in Asia are rapidly changing. In a relentless ‘Block Attack', massive towers, slabs and blocks with repetitive housing units, floor plans and facades are invading the urban villages.

As young people, we can think about what kind of housing we need. What kind of housing will meet our needs? How we want to live?

We hope to combine co-housing with Taiwanese traditional community culture, creating a vertical community with a sense of life, responding to the problems of our generation and society.

We design a variety of housing units with different functions suitable for young people.
We design a variety of different functions for young people, customizing their personal and communal space.
Allowing the user to tailor their own personal Vertical Village.

By utilizing individuality, flexibility and communality, we have created a vertical village, a three-way community that bringing diversity and neighborhood life back to the city. Also bringing a sense of life, urban streets, and community space.

To meet the urgent need for parking space in the city, we combine the automated parking tower and the residential building in this project.



Project Location: Taiwan Taipei
Site area: 9,087 ㎡

Composed of two buildings, a residential building and automated parking tower.
The construction system of residential building can be support by the structure of the parking tower.

Construction System: steel construction & Reinforced Concrete.

Team: Polin Chuang, Naiwun Zhang
Tutors: Hisao Jerry

Future Village by POLIN CHUANG in Taiwan won the WA Award Cycle 41. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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