This bachelor`s house adapts to different situations in resident`s life: movable partitions can be used to form closed rooms in otherwise wide open space. The one room loft can easily be transformed into a five room family apartment. A side apartment for a grandmother, a teenager or a disabled person can be separated from the ground floor. Even part of the intermediate floor can be opened.
The resident of Villa Flexible lives now in Finland, now abroad. Memories from all over the world are present in the house designed to Espoo housing fair 2006. Resident`s passion for technology is clearly seen in the villa. Cars and a motorcycle are repaired in the garage, house technology and the indirect lighting is controlled by a centralised system the house having a cordless network connection.
The space is divided into the closed dark grey serving space and the open flexible space. The border between inside and outside fades when the double doors of the glass façade are opened. To balance hard working the spa in the first floor can be joined to the living area. The gardens are easy to keep Japanese rock gardens.
The load bearing structure as well as the base floor, the intermediate floor and the roof construction are of steel. The external cladding is of dark grey brick forming a back wall. The solid mass defines clearly the urban situation in the corner of three streets. Roofing is of flat dark grey roof tile. The window sashes are of wood, the south glass façade opening to the south courtyard has a steel construction. The floors and the terrace are covered by wood.