Lauren's house is located at the end of Saintfield cul-de-sac in Toronto's North York area. The typology of neighborhood houses is detached houses. All houses have a specific setback from the road, side setbacks and have a specific depth.

The land of the project is different from the neighboring houses in one respect, and that land was located at the end of a Cal-de-sac, which changed the shape of the land due to the form of the dead-end square. This created the Notion of the project, a central structure with a radial organization that formed from the center of the square.

The design approach of the project is site specific approach emerging from the site as well as the design of urban blocks After determining the lot coverage and initial setbacks, the initial idea of the project was transformed into a form with the Contour and Continues Surface techniques.

At first, the initial mass of the program was converted into five ribbons based on the appropriate depths, and then each of them was developed as a continuous surface including one floor, wall and roof with a thickness of one foot. At the end, each of these six surfaces were dislocated in favor of creating side patio and terraces in the X axis so that lighter peneterate the project.



Head Architect: Maziar Dolatabadi

Lead Architect: Deniz Ebrahimi

Design Team: Reza Valinejad, Sina Valadi

Interior Design & Rendering: Donya Yousefi

Drawing: Fatemeh Miri, Ghazal Khosravani zade


Donya Yousefi