Showroom section of Turkey's one of biggest tech wholesalers' headquarters designed by Aktar Design Studio.
An entrance space with 7 metres height welcomes customers with a reception having red cubic wall and info desk as an extension of the stairs up.
Also a free cafe on the left offers a tidy space for customers to have short interviews.
A large led video wall precedes the entreance zone of showroom with elevators.
Approx. 2500 m² showroom space has micro brand areas on side walls and exhibition stands with vertical sliding panels enabling the observation of 80.000 different products by retailers. (all of the portable and fixed furniture and stands are designed by project team)
Aiming the exhibition and the control of such a large number of different products a basic layout for stands is preferred, making it easy for customers to orientate and navigate without missing the variety of products.
On the upper floor accessed by both stairs and elevators, tech equipped 4 private meeting rooms and a presentation hall with 50 seats are placed for use of customers. Two manager rooms are located at the other end of the floor with transparent walls enabling the observation of entrance gallery.
Linear continuing elements in basic colors are chosen to get the simplest form of perspective for spectators. Self-illuminating linear elements are used to support defining transition zones between main spaces and local reflective materials are used for giving transversal depth to perspective composition.
Having local basic design harmonies and experiencing it while walking around was a great pleasure for the whole design team.



Owner: ZORE LTD.
Location: Ankara/TURKEY
Total area: approx. 10.000 m² (with stock area)
Total cost: $5.000.000
Construction time: 36 weeks
Building Contractor: Ahmet OGUZ
HVAC: NG Heating Modules & Chiller
Electricity: Solar panels at roof supplying all energy need of the facility.

FARUK AKGÜL (Interior Architect)
FEYZA AKGÜL (Architect)
MEHMET EMRE ÇALIŞ (Interior Architect)

ZORE SHOWROOM & HEADQUARTERS IN ANKARA by Edibali AKTAR in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 43. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Edibali AKTAR