"The Traces of Stone" The inspiration comes from the anecdote of the island's history of volcanic eruptions and the conspicuous image of the long stretches of rock along the coast of an end to the process that contributed to the formation of the island. The architecture is created as a reminder of the past, creating an interaction between the existing rock with the familiar name of the black rock beach.
The idea of bringing architecture back to nature and removing that boundary, bringing architectural architecture into nature as a part of the landscape and they coexist and develop in a common whole. Intent to lead people through many spaces throughout and intertwined with nature, feeling through architectural lines, light, nature, salinity, harsh weather and immersing in nature. affirming the power of architecture.
Moving the architectural flow into the interior space, bringing the necessary gaps and stills to bring people's reflection on the context, history, and inherent beauty of nature. Bringing clear, transparent thoughts, or together with the recognition of danger, the change of time, architecture affects the rapidly changing nature of the industrialization era. Design emotions are formed thinking about the existing context and orienting a new architecture in the future.
Phu Quy Island, where I was born and raised on a piece of land with majestic nature surrounded by the sea. Besides, during my research, I realized the reality of people - architecture - nature. I bring to the design philosophy that the buildings themselves are part of nature, they exist and develop in a symbiotic way based on the instincts of nature. Strategizing the balance between architecture and context, shaping a new future for a building, gathering place, linking small communities on the island into an organized place of learning, cultural exchange, vocational transmission, preservation and development of historical and cultural values in the sea and island area.
The building blocks are oriented to develop in the form of modules, self-sustaining and developing in nature. Take advantage of the area's energy, develop sustainably through reuse of rainwater and exploit light and wind propulsion to generate electricity for the building, creating a green building and sustainable in space.
“The purest is not to disappear into nature, but to become part of nature.”


Project Site Location (City, Country): Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.
Project coordinates on google maps: 108o55' to 108o58' East longitude and from 10o29' to 10o33' North latitude.
Project Function: Connecting people to live, study, preserve and develop the unique cultural values of the local area.

Mentor: Truong Nguyen Hong Quang
Student: Ngo Thanh Quy
Van Lang University

Phu Quy Island Community Living Center – “THE TRACES OF STONE” by Ngo Thanh Quy in Vietnam won the WA Award Cycle 43. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Ngo Thanh Quy