Situated in the small, artisan town of Mexico’s Francisco Uh May outside of Tulum, Pininfarina of America’s Aldea Uh May reimagines conscious living. Aldea Uh May represents a collaboration between Pininfarina and real estate group ALDEA UH MAY, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. The goal of Pininfarina’s pioneering design was to envision a balanced and interconnected future in all aspects of living, rooted in sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience. To accomplish this, Pininfarina's strategic blueprint for the property preserves more than 40% of the existing jungle landscape, elevating and unifying Aldea Uh May's focus around the symbiotic coexistence of technology and nature. The resulting, first-of-its-kind destination for conscious, mindful living will serve as a steward for both the built and the natural environment.

Pininfarina’s masterplan of the 20-hectare development includes a proprietary transportation and mobility network, as well as various clusters of health-oriented amenity and public spaces to support the community’s more than 120 multi- and single-family residential lots. Perhaps most importantly, Pininfarina’s vision for Aldea Uh May preserves and protects more than 40% of the existing jungle landscape.

When creating the design, Pininfarina kept global sustainability goals as their northstar. Explains Chief Architect Samuele Sordi: “In keeping with the framework of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals –– adopted in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity –– our vision for Aldea Uh May is a livable, inclusive, and safe transgenerational urban prototype that will create a new healthy community within a reflective and meditative environment.”

Inspired by Aldea Uh May's unique context, Pininfarina's concept celebrates the locale's rich biodiversity, honors its Mayan heritage, and heralds the power of wellbeing throughout all aspects of living. Employing a holistic and human-centered approach, Pininfarina uniquely translates the ethos of Aldea Uh May into a timeless and thoughtful brand. Rooted in its sense of place, Pininfarina's inventive sensibilities and keen attention to detail bring Aldea Uh May to life through a framework that will foster human connection, emotion, and meaningfulness for years to come.

Merging its mastery of design with the innovative use of technology, Pininfarina's artistic direction for Aldea Uh May's masterplan is styled around the patterns of organization found in nature, establishing a socially and environmentally conscious community where the experience of coexisting takes on a completely different meaning. Repositioning the development through this lens, Pininfarina's reimagined design vernacular will carry through Aldea Uh May's entire organic structure –– focusing on the restyled welcoming entrance experience, shared streets, landscape guidelines, as well as the amenities spaces, which will one day play host to arts and culture exhibitions poised to rival the world's most premier festivals.

"Aldea Uh May is a community where technology and nature not only coexist but work together to create a new and undiscovered world and set of experiences, while becoming a pioneer of stewardship of the natural and its built environment.” says Andres Pineda, Senior Landscape and Environmental Specialist.

The project’s amenities include Community Harvest, Botanical, Medical & Edible Gardens, River Pool and Lap Pool, Health & Healing Wellness Center, Alternative Medicine Spa, Active Center, Lounge Deck, Reflection Gardens, Food Hall, Learning Bridge and Event/Forum Amphitheater.


- 20 hectare development
- More than 2,044 square meters of indoor and outdoor wellness-oriented lifestyle space
- 40% of existing natural landscape/jungle preserved
- More than 120 multi- and single-family lots

Principal-in-charge: Samuel Sordi
Project Manager: Andres Pineda
Project Lead Architect: Samuele Sordi, Andres Pineda
Project Architects: Jairo Vives, Andres Pineda, Yi yang, Ligia Filgueiras, Ambra Gadda

Aldea Uh May by Pininfarina of America in Mexico won the WA Award Cycle 43. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Pininfarina of America

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