The Signal is a natural disaster base. This base will be Istanbul, which has the highest population density in Turkey. The reason for this is that Istanbul is likely to be exposed to natural disasters due to its geographical features. Istanbul is a dangerous and uneven growing city. In addition, we can count many reasons such as not having enough assembly areas, poor quality of the building stock, and wrong urbanization. Istanbul is a city located on active fault lines and has recently experienced major earthquakes. Istanbul, which does not have any natural disaster plan, is now in danger despite its important place in history. In my opinion, Atatürk Airport, which is not used after the new airport, which was built with decisions that do not comply with the urbanization principles, can be a solution for the biggest shortcomings of Istanbul. And it will play an important role in combating both national and international natural disasters with the international impact of its take-offs. Natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, floods, storms) pose a great danger to the world. We can consider the fight against natural disasters as 3 phases. -Determining and Detecting Phases, -Intervention Phases, -Regeneration Phases. It tries to detect phases before they become a natural disaster. Afterwards, it provides coordination, which is the most important topic at the time of disaster, and aims to return the region to a healthier life after the disaster. While doing this, it puts Big Data, which has entered our lives with the development of technology and the internet, at its center. In this way, it is of great importance both for the processing and organization (classification) of data and for future scenarios. It is important not to damage airport operations by clinging to the existing International terminal. The additional building added to the international terminal will integrate with the existing spaces and provide an advantage in case of disaster. It will serve at critical points such as the arrival and dispatch of international aid without damaging the runways. The linear structure is segmented according to phases. Collects, processes and integrates data into physical life. On the other hand, it also includes mechanical functions such as disaster-fighting equipment (physical tools). It ensures that publications are made in the event of a disaster, allows research and management, and makes a difference by showing natural disasters to people who come to visit them. The main purpose here is that Atatürk Airport, which is the first international gate of Turkey, makes international calls and is a hope for all disasters in the world.


The Signal is structurally attached to a disused airport in Turkey. With its own structural structure, it provides the chance to create both strong and flexible spaces by using the existing structure of the airport. In addition, the airport features and the runway become usable.
Area: 16.000 square meters
Height: 38 meters
Location: Istanbul / Turkey

Designer: Dogukan Demirel
Instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru Yılmaz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ülkü İnceköse


Dogukan Demirel