The project is located in the city of Eldoret in Kenya, which has the largest economy in East Africa. The clean corridor in front of the Operating Theaters was designed according to the operating room doors. The movement made in blue in the form of a frame surrounding the corridor at the door of the operating room created a rhythm in the clean corridor. There are basically 3 types of spaces in the hospital, 1-main circulation corridors (they were open public spaces for all people), 2-semi-open spaces (semi-open spaces that open towards the corridor such as pharmacy, reception, waiting areas, nurse station, they are not completely closed spaces). ), 3-indoor spaces (they are independent spaces separated from other spaces by a door such as patient room, operating room, consultation room). All of these different places come together to serve a single purpose: to restore the comfort of their previous life to people who have lost their health. If these different spaces can be related to each other, if they can all speak the same design language in different ways, a successful hospital design will be achieved. In order to achieve this aim in the project, we tried to define a design language that was reproduced according to its own context created by the hospital plans, instead of taking the previous ready-made designs and copying them here. Nurse stations, which are semi-open spaces on all floors of the hospital, were designed to extend into the corridor on the ceiling, emphasizing their function. PACU, ICU and HDU areas have been designed with stretch lighting on their ceilings, and each patient bed has been accentuated with lighting in the ceiling design. Hygienic and easy-to-clean med glass is used on the operating room and Cath lab wall.


Floor: Epoxy

Selim Senin
Alev Doru
Eylul Akcay
Muge Gulce Kartal
Beyza Kinsiz


WALL Corporation