Nestled on the shimmering coast of Vlora, this inviting and open seaside hotel offers a chance to take in spectacular beach views and seeks to provide a harmonious balance between architecture and natural environment, following the sloped terrain. The vision aims to create an elegant blend of the volume in harmony with its surroundings.
Our goal was to elevate the area by providing an environment of high aesthetics and hospitality. We put great emphasis on not obstructing the view of the sea or surrounding. The design was shaped through the need for functionality by combining it with the natural landscape without sacrificing any luxurious commodities.
The internal layout of the rooms provides guests with an immediate connection to the sea. With a private pool, the rest areas are designed to provide individuals with their own choice of how they wish to engage with the vistas around them. Whether they wish to relax under the sunlight by the pool or under the shade in the hotel, all choices have been made equally valuable and memorable.
This Seaside hotel is truly inviting, seamlessly blending in with the surrounding nature. With its vibrant hues of orange and yellow sunsets, mesmerizing soundscape of crashing waves, lush green scenery and picturesque views of the horizon, it provides an atmosphere of serene harmony that is both calming and captivating. Through carefully chosen furnishings, artwork, and amenities, this luxurious retreat captures the essence of its environment, creating a truly unique experience. With natural beauty that never ceases to astound, there's no better place to unwind and appreciate the landscape. Being on the edge of a road with traffic but very panoramic, the ground floor is left transparent so as not to interrupt the contact with the landscape of the passers-by for any moment, while the ceiling of the ground floor has been made reflective so that the reflections of the sea float in.
The infinity pool is designed to extend out into the horizon. Each room offers breathtaking views and perfectly complemented amenities, creating a cozy yet luxurious experience like no other.
Sustainability and color palettes are an integral part of architectural design, so it's important to say that those were main aspects of the design process. Sustainability and aesthetics can be perfectly combined with architecture through the use of sustainable materials. Natural stones and timbers can all be used to bring out a desired aesthetic while at the same time being conscious of resources!


Building Area (sqm) - 12,985 m2
Building Floors - 3

Lead Architect - Arch. Alban Efthimi
3D Artist - Arch. Kristi Arapaj


Kristi Arapaj

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