AL Hijaz shifting “Aqaba transportation hub “
Designing a focal point that Develop the tourism sector in Aqaba, which is Jordan’s only port and its only coastline, Aqaba is an under-researched area in terms of tourism and community development, residents in Aqaba have not been the main priority. Another point of view is (The Hijaz railroad), The state of the Hijaz railway sits dramatically at odds with Aqaba's latest grand vision, which sees Jordan as the centerpiece of a modern regional railway network. It will play a huge connecting the "Golden Triangle" (Aqaba, Petra, Wadi Rum), which are connected by this historical railway. The Statement of the purpose for my project is to Provide a space to Engage tourists with locals, providing job opportunities for the local population, Satisfy the residence needs according to the detailed research that was made with interviews and questionnaire, a solution for transportation problems, Urban development, History preservation and rehabilitation (AL-Hijaz railway), seamless transition area for the tourists who are going to wadi-rum.
Transportation hubs can make a huge difference in improving the accessibility of public transit by providing convenient transfers between different transport modes and have high value to society. It can help improve infrastructure in the city. And make a huge impact on the economy by making the use of travelers with engaging entertainment and commercial activities.
Well managed tourism can help in mitigating negative impacts of tourism and creating a positive interaction between the host communities, tourists, and tourism industry. However, it is not difficult to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism and clarify associated benefits and that this can be effectively achieved through tourism planning. In increase, tourism industry in Jordan generates direct and indirect effects on the local communities of the tourist destinations, Aqaba has experienced tremendous development since the adoption of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Master Plan in 2002 to establish infrastructure and support comprehensive development activities in the region (tourism, commercial, industrial, and logistical) (ASEZA, 2013). As a result of this growth, Aqaba has become a popular worldwide tourist destination as well as a retail center (duty-free zone) for both local and foreign visitors. Even though research on people' views of tourist impacts has been widely conducted, the current study in Aqaba is required. Furthermore, the city's rapid expansion of tourism investments is generating new socioeconomic features that impact residents' quality of life, pricing, social structure, and demographic shifts. Tourists doesn’t spend much time in Aqaba their target mainly is going to wadi -rum and Petra so the challenge here also is to create a project that tourist spend more time in Aqaba

So, the need for a transportation hub project for locals and tourists’ needs is rising,
A transportation hub that includes multi -functions that also can help us to develop tourism sector , engage tourists with locals and satisfy the residence needs at the same time , a solution for transportation problems by playing the role of being connector unifying different modes of transportation,The transportation hub also responds to the need for a landmark at the city’s portal, providing social and urban opportunities in Aqaba city ,Urban development , Economy development.
What I am aiming of my project is to develop the transportation needs that can support and serve tourists and residence needs, Developing the economy by rehabilitating something neglected that has historical importance.



The project is designed as a master plan showing the functions :train station , hotel , gallery , restaurant , cinema , Entertainment facilities , bus station.
The train station will be the building that will be architecturally designed with built up area: (18,113m2) the total area of the station. Hotel . Gallery. Restaurant, the other entertainment facilities with green belt and park on the residential neighborhood side will be designed on the master plan.
The foot print of the master plan :
Station and hotel .12.000m2
Entertainment facilities .7.450m2
Park . 14.200m2

Student Name: Toleen Yousef Abudammes
Supervised by: Dr. Lama Abu Hassan

AL Hijaz shifting “Aqaba transportation hub “ by toleen yousef in Jordan won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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