Only an hour and a half away from Shanghai, Zhangjiagang is situated along the Yangtze river. The land is extremely fertile with large spans of rice paddies as far as the eye can see, which provides the basic ingredients for the production of yellow wine.

The project is located on Houcheng Street, a plot that is adjacent to the existing Shazhou Youhuang factory complex. The new layout includes facilities that are actively serving the existing production while becoming a landmark to the city. An industrial tourism destination with a unique style, a leisurely environment, based on a mix of Jiangnan architectural elements and the modern Chinese architectural abstractions. This vision is skillfully articulated in the project’s entrance pavilion, a profound statement of the bright and ever changing future built upon centuries of tradition.

Building use, composition, color palette, and materials fit harmoniously with the existing factory layout while expressing a striking architectural identity. A busy and diverse commercial street, combined with modern cultural functions, integrated with innovative industrial facilities, making it an economically, socially and architecturally the highlight of the city.

Shazhou Youhuang’s core belief as a brand is to create an "Excellent Jiangnan Product Culture". With the unique advantages of Jiangnan Watertown resources and the long history of yellow rice wine, the brand is dedicated to building The Story of Wine: Shazhou Youhuang Culture Park to support further brand development.

The project consists of 28 functional attractions, including a museum, wine aging warehouses, hand-brewing workshop, library, restaurants, a cafe, bar, exhibitions, galleries and multipurpose hall, resting and playground areas. It is a comprehensive industrial tourism campus integrating production, research and development, with culture, and leisure.

Jiangnan Watertown, a place famous for its characteristic white walls, delicate bridges over crystal streams, buildings that are elegant and refined as if washed in ink. Based on the primary elements of Jiangnan style, the project then integrates these elements with the architectural style of the modern China. This distinct combination advocates that yellow rice wine is an integral part of Jiangnan culture. Such design elements demonstrate and protect the heritage of the brewing culture of Chinese yellow rice wine while comprehensively expressing the history, culture, and production techniques of the Su tradition.

The project, a blend of traditional and abstract modern architectural features with distinct characteristics of yellow rice wine, is a cultural, scenic spot that the provincial and municipal governments at all levels are striving to celebrate; thus, selected as a key representative project of the provincial culture and tourism industry.

The project manifests the noble vision of "Shazhou Youhuang" as representative of the culture of yellow rice wine in Jiangnan to become a first-class brand, leading the development of the industry.

From the abstraction of traditional architectural language and elements, the project reflects the memory of the iconic walls inspired by the historic hui style houses, water features and landscape elements, lane dimensions, signature colors of exterior facades and roofing details, openings, and rhythms…all reminiscent of the Jiangnan old town characteristics.

The planning and architectural concept inspiration of the project intends to create a highly interactive collection of traditionally inspired buildings complimented by modern typologies in a harmonious yet dynamic balance aiming to emphasize the connection between old and new. The layout involves two primary districts: an industrial/ cultural cluster and a commercial hub, featuring a central public axis bringing the two together.

The main purpose is to create a refined, unforgettable Zhangjigang Jiangnan cultural experience, through a contemporary transition of the traditional experience, rich with heritage and poetic nostalgia. The projects positioning intends to celebrate the brilliance and history of Shazhou YouHuang yellow wine by setting an architectural benchmark that leads the future development of the yellow wine industry, otherwise historically known for sprawling warehouses and disconnected accessory buildings strewn across the landscape.

Increased awareness of agri-tourism: Shazhou Youhuang Culture Park will be a vital driver for the sustainable growth of tourism in Zhangjiagang, contributing to the further awareness and expansion of agricultural functions, development of agricultural tourism, and improving the local culture and environment. Residents will experience a better ecological environment and the community will benefit from an improved implementation of scientific development methods and the acceleration of the rural industry's development adjustments.
Research and development of environmental methods: The project lays new foundations for the research and development of new products of yellow rice wine including environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

Sustainable site planning and construction methods: Landscaped areas are enlarged to reduce heat island effect, driven by gentle prevailing winds the waterways and canals designed to promote passive evaporative cooling during summer periods, stone pavers reclaimed and reused from old water town villages, sculptural swales created for onsite ponding and canal-capture drainage systems during the rainy season.

Healthy Lifestyle: Buildings are accommodated within landscaped grounds to promote health and wellness such as children’s play areas, jogging paths, public gathering rest areas scattered throughout the project. These recreational public spaces are accessible daily to the existing factory’s employees for their personal wellness.

Conforming to the industrial policy; As the national pride of China, yellow rice wine is one of the world's three most ancient wines. The construction of the Shazhou Youhuang Culture Park is in line with the national industrial policy to guide enterprises by increasing brand awareness, strengthen brand culture development, and enhance the culturally intrinsic value of product and to build a sustainable brand that will last for centuries.

Promoting the culture of yellow rice wine: By closely following the cultural heritage of the water villages, the project personifies the authentic heritage of Jiangnan Watertown. Shazhou Youhuang truly blossoms in all its beauty and charm, with its dedication to research, practice and active promotion of traditional brewery methods, taking a brand with rich history under its belt into an even greater innovative future.

Improving product competitiveness: The project lays a new foundation for the research and development of new products of yellow rice wine. It is expected to stimulate the desire of a new consumer demographic, effectively breaking through the regional characteristics of rice wine consumption, and broadening the market scope.



Project Size (surface area of new / existing construction): New construction area: 23,500M2

Museum: 5000m2
Wine aging warehouse: 6000m2
Traditional wine village exhibition: 1500m2
Restaurants: 5000m2
Retail/ shopping: 1500m2
Exhibition/ display: 2500m2
Library: 1000m2
Tourism functions: 1000m2

Date of completion of construction: 2021. 11

Date of completion of design work: 2018.11

Executive Architect: Senem Cennetoglu
Owner/ Client: Shazhou Youhuang Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Masterplan/ Architectural Design: RDC, Project Design Director: Senem Cennetoglu
Landscape Design: RDC, Project Design Director: Senem Cennetoglu
Interior Design: Suzhou Gold Mantis Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd.
Local Design Institute: Suzhou Construction (Group) Planning & Architectural Design CO., LTD
Construction Company (Construction): Jiangsu Jinda Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Construction Company (Curtain Wall): Suzhou Guanglin Construction Co., Ltd.
Landscape Construction Company: Suzhou Gold Mantis Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Architectural Lighting: Jiangsu Rongming Construction Installation Co., Ltd.
Waterscape Design: Ouyaser Water Art (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
Graphic Design: Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd.
Museum Interior Design: Suzhou Hexi Design & Construction Co., Ltd.
Chinese Stage Design: Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd.
Project Photographer: Aaron&Rex