Creating a joyful and inspiring work environment for employees through new office building design trends, especially in the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic. Because of the prolonged time of isolation that many employees experienced, the focus on interior design of the spaces is intended to enhance productivity and social communication among staff.

The main goals :
1. Increase productivity.
2. Increase interaction between employees
3. Increasing interaction with nature .
4. Take into account the consideration of Covid-19.

Solutions :
1. Provide an attractive, enjoyable and minima different workspace to increase productivity .

2. making open flexible offices to raise interaction with consideration of Covid-19.

3. Increasing interaction with nature by using natural elements, reliance on natural lighting of skylight and reliance on natural ventilation.

4. Facilitating fluid circulation movement to reduce the chances of infection .

Zones :
- Lounges
- Individual Open Offices .
- Grouped Open Work Area
- Flexible Work Area
- High Tables Area
- Open Meetings Area
- Closed Meeting Room
- Closed Offices
- E-Library
- Break Area & Cafeteria

- The Flexible Work Area can be changed by moving Rolling ( Mobile ) Desk.

- The Open Meetings Area includes screens for hybrid & online meetings.

- E-Library to stay up with progress, it makes it possible to find knowledge faster than in traditional libraries.

- The Break Area & Cafeteria includes play area and calm cubicles that giving employees a mental space .



- All the materials ( Concrete , Wood , Marble ) reflect the feeling of interaction with nature .

- Use the motivating colour orange to create joyful, vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Arch. Student : Shahd Kandeel

Supervisors :
Dr. Nermine Hany
Arch. Heba Tarek