The 15,000-square-feet abode in Pune aspires to express the homeowner's individuality through the design narrative of the space. The project is a reflection of modernism and elegance depicted through the judicious choice of components. Architectural patterns, textures, materials, light and shade modulation, and colour are all used to lend an essence of opulence to provide a distinctive character to the project.

The house is divided into two sections- one for living and the other for recreational purposes for the family and friends to rejuvenate. An aerial walkway links the two spaces. The overall ambience exemplifies luxury in a variety of ways, including the use of textures, specialised materials and finishes, and other elements that transcend into a series of design choices oriented on colour palette, furniture, and versatile decors.

The wooden furniture in the home adds a touch of earthiness and warmth to the space to render a pleasing atmosphere. The surrounding environment is made youthful by minimal intrusion and streamlined design with plenty of open areas overlooking the artistic landscape. The outdoors has been effortlessly integrated with the interiors, as evidenced by the wooden panelled steps that not only highlight the classic design style but also serve as a beautiful addition to the décor due to wood's inherent ability to bring texture to everything. The gazebo serves as a focal point in an open space, something to be noticed and cherished while also providing much-needed shade and views.


Ar. Ramesh Edwankar

Ramesh Edwankar Archives team