As customers' demands keep changing, property sales centers have been updated in recent years accordingly. It has evolved from version 1.0 which only serves basic property selling functions to version 1.5 that incorporates additional functions like cafe and library, and to the current version 2.0 that provides temporary property selling functions while focusing more on spatial experience and future functions.

The project combines various bright colors and geometric shapes to create visual illusion and a relaxing, warm atmosphere in the space. Inspired by the style of Leonardo da Vinci's artworks, it breaks with conventional color schemes, and tries to express uniqueness, innocence and fun in the space. The project utilizes low-saturation colors such as mint green and champagne pink to generate playful, modern and fashionable scenes. The dominant creamy white tone is complemented by mint green and pale yellow, which brings color variety to the space.

The sales center is designed with Nordic style. It showcases a warm, comfortable and calming living space that makes people feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Materials like wood, fabrics, ceramics and glazing are selected to accentuate details, convey aesthetics and styles, and enhance the quality of the space.

The dining room and the living room compose an integrated area. Tables and chairs selected for this area feature simple forms. The suspending lighting fixture above the dining table is modern, simple yet creative, helping to strengthen the comfortable dining atmosphere. The green and pink hues of dining chairs echo the furniture colors in the living room. In addition, the wood texture of those chairs enriches details. Carefully selected artworks are placed on the dining table, which strengthens a warm atmosphere and dialogues with decorative items in the living room. The single chair at the terrace presents a simple yet distinctive form, and its rattan backrest builds a connection between people and nature.

The elders' room utilizes modern exquisite elements such as velvet, silk beddings, wood and glass. The unique form of the bed's headboard embodies the modern pursuit of a quality life. The closet reveals a sense of quality and design.



Project area: 1,100 square meters

Zhao Di

Yun Xi Tai by Di Zhao in China won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Haichuan Huang