Saudi Arabia Cruise Industry:
Saudi Arabia started the cruise industry (Saudi cruise Line) in 2021 from the home port of Saudi Arabia which is Jeddah Islamic port with a corporation with MSC cruise line to selected location such as Jordan and Egypt from Jeddah Islamic port. Furthermore, they have recently welcomed all the cruise lines from around the world to the homeport or to include a port of call on its coastline in their itineraries such as Yanbu, KAEC and Damam.

Definition of the project:
Cruise terminals are built to meet the needs of cruise ships and their passengers. At the same time, they must be integrated with the port cities and nearby destinations' transportation, tourism, and urban planning strategies. Jeddah Islamic Port is the home port at the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the largest seaport in the Red Sea, and it has a temporary cruise terminal building wasn’t constructed in correct manner. Because of that the idea was came to design a cruise terminal that will be qualified for the cruise ships and established the tourism needs.

Jeddah cruise terminal aims to play a crucial role in the economic and the sociocultural in Saudi Arabia including cultural center with a gallery of the history of Jeddah and Saudi restaurant and café to make the tourism experience and spread the Saudi culture and traditions around the world.

Goals and Objectives:
Saudi Arabia plans to attract more international cruise liners as part of efforts to revitalize the Kingdom's tourism industry and transform it into a key contributor to economic growth. Jeddah cruise terminal will determine to become one of Jeddah landmarks by achieving the vision of 2030 duo the cruise industry make the port cities incorporate cruise tourism into development strategy.



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Façade System Design
Environmental Studies
Designing Space for Building Services

Student: Samaher Saleh Al Farshouti
Instructor: Dr. Marwa Abohasan


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