The design concept in this project is to revive the lost view of life on the roof. A familiar form has benefited from the historical foundations on which life once flowed and has gradually been destroyed and neglected and left in the hands of oblivion. which has been used in a contemporary way in this neighborhood urban space. The project site is an abandoned space of 1800 square meters in the middle of Qasr al-Dasht neighborhood of Shiraz. A space that was used by the elderly and children of the neighborhood despite the lack of desirable qualities. The green identity of the neighborhood, the trees on the site and the restrictions of the municipal rules made us allocate 1500 square meters to the green space and a part with only 300 square meters in the maze of trees as a multi-purpose space for children to play. and to design the companionship of the elderly. The fluid form of this park has been created based on respect for the existing trees in such a way that the architecture of the space moves towards respect for nature. Soft and calm lines find their way through the trees and in combination with the curved seats that fit the lines of the design provide a pleasant space in the shade of the trees for presence and interaction. The soft domes of different sizes and heights are placed in the most central part of the space so that it can be seen when the children are playing and the noise of the children does not disturb the peace of the smaller spaces sitting back in the middle of the trees. The familiar form of the roof landscape in the middle of the old neighborhood of Qasr al-Dasht has been redesigned to be a place for children to play and for the elderly to gather together in this old neighborhood. A memorable form that evokes the excitement of ups and downs and has taken a step towards improving the environmental qualities of these urban spaces. The Domes is a new narrative of Iranian roofs, the architect takes today's man to his childhood years and revives the fond memories of children's laughter, separating him from this worldview and It is reminiscent of a style of architecture that has been with man for a long time and makes him linger and conveys meaning from nature.



Red brick, as a native material and appropriate to the identity of this neighborhood, is extended in the form of continuous circles in space to integrate the floor and the domes. One of the continuous middle rings of the space is executed with dark green glazed brick in a way that moves the eye in the space to show the diversity and coherence in the whole space. In completing the middle ring, the last ring and the boundary between flooring and vegetation is also implemented with green glazed brick to be the connecting line between the two.

Architect: Sedighe Eskandarpour
Design Team: Mahsa Saedizade and Parisa Sherafati
Project Management : Dr. Hamidreza Esmaeili
Ilumination: Mahsa Saeedi zade
Manufacturers : Arta Sorahi, Amirhosein Farvardin, Ashkan Hadaegh
Project location : Qasr al-Dasht neighborhood, Shiraz, Fars, Iran


Sedighe Eskandarpour