MarPunta is a summerhouse located in the highest level of the Cesme/Pasalimani province, which was designed to diffuse in the sloping land and to celebrate the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Throughout the design process of MarPunta primary focus was benefitting the advantages of the plot(view and landscape) and comfort at the maximum level.

The villa, designed on a 520 m2 plot with 403 m2 construction area, has two floors and a basement, three of which are facing a great sea view with terrace/balcony areas, and a garden with infinity pool. Apart from the glazing, which covers most of the facade, a special plaster was used for the facade which was detailed with the use of iroko wood and aluminum on the eaves.

One of the outstanding features of the entrance/east façade, the stairwell, connects floors with a gallery opening that invites natural light and the fascinating view in.
A secondary terrace is designed on the entrance/east facade of the villa to avoid wind as well as west sun when necessary.

On the entrance/middle floor there is a living area with a dining area and a service kitchen connected to the kitchen downstairs with a dumbwaiter.
On the basement floor, there is a living area, the main kitchen, which is connected to the service kitchen on the ground floor, service areas and the guest room with direct access to the pool. The access to the terrace/garden and pool at the basement level is also provided by an outdoor guest's staircase, which follows the slope of the land and integrates with the landscape, from the south side of the building. There is also a service stair from the north of the building, which leads to a direct entrance to the service area on the basement floor.
On the first floor, there are three rooms, each with a view. In particular, the en-suite bathroom was designed with a transparent wall on the room side in order to keep the connection with both the bedroom and the outside. A jacuzzi is placed in this bathroom to help houseowners enjoy the moment.

In order to benefit from the stunning view from three sides of the villa, maximum opening / joinery is used on the façades.
The living area on the ground floor has a glass flooring in the corner to emphasize the relationship between the entrance floor, pool and the basement living area in a fluent way and to keep the view at the highest level.
Again, in order to prioritize the access to the view, the console balcony located in front of the ground floor’s living area was planned to be accessed with a stair, lower level than the ground floor so that the furniture used in the balcony would not block the view inside.



Plot Area: 520 m2
Built Area: 403 ​​m2

Architectural Design: BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design
Lead Architect: Basak Akkoyunlu
Project Team: Pelin Köroğlu

Client/Consultant: SLM Alacati
Contractor: Hakan Acar Insaat & BAD-Basak Akkoyunlu Design
Landscape Design: OMG Landscape Architectural Studio
Structural Engineer: Erkan Karadag
Mechanical Engineer: Arda Ersan
Photo Credits: ZM Yasa Photography, Basak Akkoyunlu


ZM YASA Photography